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August 29, 2006

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In Saints Row, under threat from rival gangs and corrupt officials the 3rd Street Saints must conquer the city of Stilwater or face destruction. From the spectacular opening battle to regain control of the local hood, Saints Row offers the freedom to explore StilWater a living breathing city. Players are free to engage in the multitude of different activates at their leisure all while building up respect in a gameplay-rich world. Build enough respect and the 3rd Street Saint's lieutenants will trust the player with more dangerous missions.

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First pick the appearance of your character from a large number of available options, your appearance does have a bearing on the game. The game starts in Saltwater with you getting mixed up as a third party dodging bullets from both sides in a gang war. The leader of a multi-ethnic gang, the 3rd Street Saints, Julius saves you from the situation and invites you to become a member. After a slightly dodgy start to the dialogue the whole thing takes off into a really story and apart from occasional low points the quality of the game storytelling turns out to be spot on. You are pretty much free to drive wher and when you like.

At the core are several main plots to be followed, involving the Saints' warring against its three rival gangs. Each has its own identity, preferred vehicles, and chief characters. These gangs can be fought in any order, but once started on one mission you must stick with it. Respect must be earned before you can take on missions and these are got from tackling sub missions and entertaining minigames, some with chaotic and deadly results.

The game has rock-solid driving and shooting controls which makes even the most over the top activity, and there is plenty of it and also plenty of swearing and adult conversation, but most of the sound effects are very good. There is a variety of music played on many available radio stations. The many realistically modelled cars handle differently as well as having distinctive looks. the scenery and portrayal of the city and the diferent weather conditions is more than excellent. The game seems to have lots of everything including explosions and weapons. You also get some computer-controlled help to fight your battles.

Your character's health automatically recovers if you avoid taking hits for a while, and you can suffer a fair bit of damage before you die anyway. This is not the case in the more difficult missions but you can carry health-restoring food items around with you to aid recovery, and if you do die you can opt for a quick trip back to a hospital, from where you can easily carry on. There are many more facilities that make for easier play; far too many to mention here.

It lacks a litttle in originality as it is a bit along the lines of Grand Theft Autos but if this proves to be its worst point then all well and good. Saints Row is a pleasingly long game, probably 24 hours to finish the main storyline, and the minigames are worth exploring in more depth if you want longer playing times, and don't forget the multiplayer mode for up to 12 players, featuring several modes, playable online or via system link.

A great game that stands on its own two feet despite some welcome borrowings from other sources.

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August 29, 2006

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