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September 28, 2010

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In Samurai Warriors 3, there are more than 35 historically inspired playable characters from which to choose, with 30 fighters offering fully developed "Story" mode scenarios. The game stays true to its roots, once again compelling players to unify Japan's many warring factions by performing an unrelenting series of combo attacks on hordes of enemies, but the character designs and animations have been completely changed. In battle, players can choose to unleash Power Attacks, Normal Attacks, or Special Skills, and weaponry continues to play a large role in combat, with each character wielding a unique weapon. A "Spirit Gauge" fills as gamers dispatch enemies, allowing for the use of powerful Musou attacks, and the new "Eigi" technique lets players string together infinite combos.

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The story is based on the time period of Japan where a bunch of states fought each other to rule the country. You select from a large number of historical characters and then begin playing through the game modes which tell different parts of the story. The first portion lets you work towards unifying all of Japan. The second puts you in a haunted castle and has you fighting demons. The third doesn't tell any of the story, but it allows players to play freely on any level.

Once you actually get into a level, you’ll realize exactly how similar this game is to previous titles. Your character is, obviously, way more powerful than any enemy they’ll come across. These enemies are merely walking fodder for your sword, and you’ll freely slaughter through them again and again. While this was once acceptable in an adventure game, game designers have gotten lazy at trying to make it fun for players, which results in your character getting really good at the couple of moves they have available as the AI runs right into your blade like wheat to the scythe. Smarter AI would have really made the game a lot more fun to play.

While bad gameplay is one thing, bad graphics is a whole other story. Samurai Warriors 3 doesn’t try extremely hard to make the characters that are on screen look very good, which is a shame, considering there isn't really a whole lot else going on in the gameplay or the story. In addition, the game only allows some enemies on screen at once, which means despite your capability for enormous destructive power, you’ll be forced to kill only a few enemies at a time. One positive thing is that the game doesn't seem to suffer from much slowdown, even with two-player split screen, but that’s probably because of the few enemies allowed on screen at once.

There is a lot of gameplay to be had, if you can find it in yourself to keep smashing through the game. There are bunches of characters that can be unlocked, as well as playing online, or the above-mentioned split-screen with a friend. The only problem, however, is suffering through the gameplay to get all that stuff.

And that’s what it really comes down to. Some hack-and-slash adventure games have enough unique, new content and gameplay that they are somewhat fun to play through, even though the repetition usually is boring by the end. Samurai Warriors 3 is not one of those games.

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Release Date:

September 28, 2010

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