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October 08, 2006

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Scarface: Money. Power. Respect. on the PSP combines turn based strategy and real time action enabling you to experience what it took for Tony Montana to rise to power in the streets of Miami. Take on the role of Tony Montana to complete a series of scenarios based on scenes from the movie as he takes over the drug trade in Miami. In multi-player mode, take control of one of the cartels battling to control business and territory. Earn as much money as possible by managing the production and selling of product and build up enough strength to take over the Miami from your opponents.

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Although Scarface is indeed a movie crossover the game has little to do with the movie itself.

Apart from a normal campaign mode of earlier games, players may engage in the Cartel challenge, which adds a whole lot of colors to the game. In the Cartel challenge mode, the players can select from three different types of mode and also select their own cartel. Namely, these three modes are the Race to Fortune mode, the Drug War mode, and the Fight to the Finish. The fortune mode revolves around the aim of making a certain amount of money. When the one cartel achieves this he wins. The drug war mode is all about fighting for a number of rounds and the cartel that has the most money in the end wins. Lastly, the fight to the finish mode is self explanatory, fighting until only one cartel stands.

But there are flaws to every game and although this game is all about thugs and drugs and you may expecting a shoot-out like Max Payne, the game play is turn based meaning that you give commands on what to do and who to kill and your henchmen will do it all for you. In this sense you can expect some little involvement with strategy, well there is, but even in the hardest stages in the game the puzzle is easy to figure out and you can eventually dominate over your opponents. .

Scarface features a multiplayer setting for up to 4 players which can be great fun and challenging at the same time. But this does not mean that you can make use of these large maps for 4 players when there are only two of you. So whether you like it or not, 2 players mean small maps.

The audio side of things is absolutely horrendous. The sound effects of guns and explosions get repetitive. The visual effects are a little better but still poor, as even the simple thugs and henchmen are poorly animated, when you throw a grenade at the enemies they just fly in the air like dolls being tossed by a child. The camera view is bad as most of the time you will be looking at a map which is not at all attractive. Even the camera viewing and switching views are not much of a good feature in Scarface.

But overall, the game gets addictive with the simple game play and strategy involved in it and this overcomes the bad audio visual presentation to some degree making it quite tolerable.

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October 08, 2006

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