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January 15, 2004

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In School Tycoon, players will choose from over 50 buildings, including classrooms, administration offices, and athletic facilities. Stimulate and entertain your students by choosing from various entertainment amenities, such as arcades and skate parks. There are 80 different student types to populate the virtual school, from jocks and cheerleaders to snobs and bullies, who all must keep up with their studies in order to avoid detention. School Tycoon features more than 20 scenarios that require smart management strategies to maintain a harmony of happiness and success at your own Virtual High.

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Just as it was starting to seem like there was a tycoon for everything out there here comes School Tycoon to add to the fray. This is the kind of game that will put you in charge of school operations so that you have to make some decisions regarding the budget and the education.

Basically the same problems plaguing school administrators everywhere in the world so can you just imagine how much that is? You cut the budget and that might affect the standard of education etc. The subject is not that simple but School tycoon in itself is a pretty simple game but it does have several bugs that may prove to be frustrating for the player. However simple it may be, the game is certainly entertaining with some strategising involved as long as you are not in the mood for some serious number crunching that is.

The moment you start the game, you just know in your heart that this will be a very light-hearted game. The intro itself is very cinematic and very fun to watch since it shows a rather harried looking principal who just tells you that he has had enough and tells you that you must run the school from now on. So you, then, will take his offer up and try to run the school in a better way than he can. You can take two choices at this point, you pass 24 stages or you build a school from scratch in the sandbox mode. There is a challenge mode that is divided into eight beginner, eight intermediate and also eight difficult levels where you have to do a bunch of things like herd the right number of students to earning a huge amount of money given a certain time frame to work with.

The beginner level might take you only about 60 minutes to finish while the difficult stage might take you another 7 hours depending on your pace and how well you play the game. You can install some classrooms for different subjects (there are ten that your students can choose from). But your classrooms should be bare bones at first and you can spiffy them up when you move to the more advanced stages of the game. You may even have to start off with just a small portable classroom! What fun huh? The better your classrooms becomes, the more students you can accommodate and the more money you will get to spend for other things like swimming pools and basketball courts and other stuff that schools need.

You will also be in charge of hiring teachers but you have to be careful since you have to give them three traits which will directly affect your studentsÂ’ morale, level of discipline and grades. There is always something going on in this game that will be sure to keep you entertained for hours so go ahead and give it a try. You might just be the next school tycoon.

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January 15, 2004

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