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September 22, 2009

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Nintendo Wii DS

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Scooby Doo! First Frights makes its debut on the Nintendo Wii but unfortinately does not even live up to the standards of mediocrity achieved on othe platforms.

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by Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: 05/26/2009

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This is not the first Scooby Doo video game that has been created. All past Scooby Doo video games were just plain mediocre. Given the history of past Scooby Doo games, it’s entry to the Wii video games market certainly faces a steep challenge – what could be a better chance to make a mark and be a success for once? Unfortunately, this new game has a different formula for success, it seems; and its acceptance rate on the market doesn’t look too good.

The video game has four episodes. The player can control two characters of the Scooby Doo team. It is like a version of Lego games that is built to be played with family members. The characters have their own special abilities, although some abilities are not as useful as the others; there are even a few that are downright useless.

When playing the game, you can encounter some bizarre and awkward moments such as Velma dressing up as a sumo wrestler, which has no connection to the scene and the game as a whole. Speaking of scenes, there are viewable cutscenes from the cartoon versions. I guess, they’re trying to establish that missing link between the cartoons and the video game.

First Frights is designed mainly for small kids but can also be played by older players. It is apparently created to highlight the importance of team effort in the game. The very core of this game is to solve the mysteries; which, needless to say, requires team work.

The gameplay is all about the team searching for clues to solve the mystery. The only loophole with this concept is when there are cutscenes that show some clues, taking away what meager challenge the game has. Of course, it makes the game a little less exciting. Another perplexing thing is the lack of explanation as to what the mystery is all about. I don’t know about you but I find it ridiculous going through a lot of clue searching for something I don’t have a clue about. Talk about being left hanging! Or is it lolling?

The video game has no clear storyline because the four episodes are as disconnected as anything can be. It gets pretty boring with nothing but running around with the enemies chasing and attacking you all the time. This is as repetitive as all other versions of the game have been.

It’s almost like getting involved in some kind of Lego games. You search for clues that reveal secrets and presumably solve the mystery. Guess what the secrets are…Scooby Doo snacks that you can use to buy some weird costumes for some of the characters, that’s what! Useless piece of crap, I tell you. There’s no fun; no excitement that you can even look forward to. There’s really a lot needed to be done to improve at the concept level. What’s even worse is, it’s not even an authentic Scooby Doo story; which is really sad as it could detract from the kids’ real perception of the lovable dog in the cartoon version. Better think twice about buying this game.

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September 22, 2009

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