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September 01, 2009

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In Section 8, you must use your weaponry to beat back the enemy and seize disputed territory. Determine your own role in the brutal combat by customizing your armor and weapons. Call in deployables, including gun emplacements, tanks and walking war machines, to help you gain or maintain the advantage. See sprawling battlefields come alive before you with the power of a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3, and join the battle with additional players in epic multiplayer combat that allows for clan, team and individual stat tracking.

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Xbox 360


You start on the torn planet of Tomorrow, your job is to battle an oncoming onslaught which threatens mankind's very existence. The single-player campaign is more than just training levels but the crucial point of the game is the 32-player online conflicts. Game levels are by and large well-designed providing fun which can be an alternative to the warfare online. The campaign maps are similar in the online mode with a different structure and large size imitates actual siege, conclude objectives and makes the enemy retreat. While the multiplayer versions of the maps are very open when the match will begin, walled-off areas of the single-player will only open once you have reached several checkpoints. Since the game levels are designed in a comprehensible manner, the game will present you to a world without the need to overwhelm you with extensive levels and a plethora of goals.

The only kind of match seen in the game is Conquest in which 2 teams will strive to obtain victory points by taking the lives of other players, confining control points and finishing the so-called dynamic combat missions. For a player to get a control point, he has to search for either an unbiased or rival-possessed computer and tap A for hacking purposes. When you have taken the control point, you will earn the turrets and other structures for defense which will make it hard for the other team to retrieve it.

Though the seemingly tug-of-war aspect in confining control points will be tedious, the combat missions which are dynamic will keep the matches fresh. You will be rewarded with features once you have completed some tasks just like killing two players with the use of a knife or damaging a tank. After you have earned this feature, the dynamic control mission is activated automatically. There are 6 guns and 7 gadgets to select from whether you decide to play alone or with thirty one friends and you are only capable of bringing two weapons at one time.

When you journey from one combat to another, the character will move at a very slow pace, yet, you can also do certain tricks to make these moves more attention-grabbing. Once you have finished the objectives, you will be rewarded with money and can be used to buy turrets and vehicles. These turrets are very valuable which will let you install minigun-wielding or units that are rocket-spewing to protect the control points.

Underneath the genetic peripheral of the game, it is so much fun to play with the ongoing fight between opposing space marines. Despite the presence of only one match type, the lively goals will maintain the freshness of the action and will constantly force you to change your tactics to oppose the varying battlefield. The wide surroundings might be lonesome to discover since you are far from the rest, however, they have been well-designed to offer various ways in capturing control points or ambushing unfortunate opponents.

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