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November 08, 2009

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In Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage, players join White and his friends as they travel to eight distinct locations around the world, from grabbing insane air off the half-pipe in Times Square, to carving through powder in the Italian Alps. There are 16 events, including new boardercross races, and 75 unique challenges in all, with gamers increasing their prestige and unlocking new characters, equipment, and stickers at every stop. The game lets players recruit new characters at every location, and each of the 15 riders introduces a variety of new tricks and an entirely new way to shred.

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If you spent any time at all playing the first one, then stepping into this new version will feel right at home. The control scheme of using the Wii remote to move your character in all ways feels natural and intuitive, even though you're using your hands to simulate controlling your feet. You only use the buttons to tweak what set of tricks you’ll be performing once you’re up in the air. The Wii remote works well for this, other than there being a tendency for your character to start spinning while you're trying to line up a landing. Despite that small issue, the Wii remote control system works pretty well.

This snowboarding game also allows players to use the Wii balance board, as well. Playing with a balance board takes this game to the next level, with you adjusting your foot placement to cut turns, speed up or slow down, and jump into the air. You still have to use the Wii remote to control your skill sets, but other than that, control is exclusively at your feet.

The campaign in World Stage is made up of tracks spread throughout the world. You start out as the 100th ranked snowboarder who quickly works their way up the ranks towards number one.

Every race has you picking out two characters. One of these is your character, and the other is your cameraman. The character that you pick to board with has different attributes associated with them, and the cameraman that you pick makes different special moves available to you that can be used on the course, once you'’ve performed a few tricks. These special moves include improving your balance, providing a burst of speed, or knocking down your competitors. Pulling off a trick move at just the right time can sometimes turn the tables, making them helpful as you play through the tournament.

There is also multi-player Career mode, which lets you play through the whole thing with your friends. If snowboarding is fun alone, it's enormously more fun with or against your friends, although you can only play with one Wii balance board at a time.

When it came around the first time, Shaun White Snowboarding blew away gamers with the relative ease with which it could be played, along with the incredible gameplay that was delivered once a player picked up the simple skills required. This second version, by changing almost nothing since the previous version, continues to live up to that legacy. If, however, there had been some sort of change for the better, than players that had played the first one would have a reason to buy this new one. As it is, save your money.

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November 08, 2009

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