Shin Megami Tensei IV - 3DS Cheats


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Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS unlockables.

Fellow Mode.
First you must intentionally die twice and then pay Charon each time to get revived.
You will now have access to a program for your gauntlet that will unlock the Fellow
(easier) difficulty

Master mode.
You must successfully complete the game on any difficulty and with any ending to unlock
the Master difficulty.

New Game+ mode.
Complete the game on any difficulty and with any ending to unlock the "New Game+" option.
This option allows you to begin a new game while retaining data from the Demon Compendium,
demon analyses, play log, fusion data, and DDS from your previous playthrough. You will also
retain the "Skill Expansion" and "Demon Skill+" apps. You can also optionally choose to bring
over level, stats, app points, macca, items, and equipment with "Reincarnation Restart", or
skip those with "New Life Restart".

Carrying demons over to New Game+ mode.
Normally in New Game+ mode, all of your party's demons from the previous playthrough are erased.
However, if you have a demon being used for StreetPass at the time you defeat the final Boss,
that demon will not be deleted when you start New Game+ mode. Thus, use this glitch to bring
over your powerful demons to New Game+ mode.