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November 06, 2007

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In Silent Hill Origins, you take the reins of truck driver Travis Grady who is stranded in Silent Hill. Here, the player is forced to contend not only with its hellish denizens but his own buried past. An engrossing storyline awaits, iconic adversaries, fiendish puzzles and a haunting soundtrack. Silent Hill is laden with atmosphere, the town transitioning between vacant streets and buildings, and a decaying realm of nightmare, populated by twisted, faceless inhabitants. Gameplay, like the disturbing look and feel, is classic Silent Hill but with additional features included for the PSP, such as the way in which the control scheme changes intuitively for each situation.

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Since Silent Hill Origins is a survival horror game, exploration, puzzle solving and combat is highly expected. For Travis to be in combat mode, the shoulder button on the right needs to be pressed and the X button to perform attacks. Ammo and health drinks are also available to recharge health depletion; there are also melee weapons like tire irons, jagged pieces of wood and poles, projectiles like alcohol bottles or filing cabinets and a lot more weapons. You will find these items as you explore the place.

Unlock new areas by collecting different objects and use them to gain access. You will be taken to foggy scenes and industrialized world which is identical to the town Silent Hill. You can choose when you are going to travel to other worlds by using mirrors; these mirrors are spread all over the town. Your overall game performance is assessed by different criteria like how many items you have collected and how many enemies you have killed using your fists. These items will enable you to unlock things like outfits, flashlights skins or any other different options. Try dressing a Silent Hill creature as a Mexican wrestler, which sounds really fun.

As for Silent Hill Origins graphics and sound, it is expected that it will be dark since this is a horror video game, which gives it an additional scary feel and with regards to their music, it is very spooky that would surely give you goose bumps.

People who have played this scary video game said that it is perfect, even for beginners and those who are series enthusiasts. Others have really enjoyed this game more than any other series, it has been able to deliver a frightening feeling and a feeling of fear whenever one plays this game. The soundtrack of the game is perfect and really scary and the darkness of the place adds a perfect touch of horror.

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Release Date:

November 06, 2007

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