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June 29, 2010

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In Singularity, you'll face all manner of enemies throughout your mission including mercenaries and grotesque giant monsters. Weapons at your disposal include pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles and shotguns. Each of these can be upgraded by collecting weapon upgrade cases located throughout the game. Once you have found an upgrade, simply take it to a weapons station and use it to increase abilities such as clip size, reload times and damage. Alongside these, Singularity also features a number of unique weapons including a useful grenade launcher that allows you to fire off a round and target an enemy for maximum damage.

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PlayStation 3


Singularity is a shooter game aimed at blasting the heads off of hideous mutant monsters with the use of shotguns and through time manipulation gimmicks. The whole thing is an absolute chaos and something which old school shooter games fans will absolutely love. The game could have benefited more is the developers updated its visual style and fixed the hiccups present in the cup, but still, the game’s diverse mechanics is able to keep the action renewed and fresh almost 100% of the time.

You are Russian soldier Nate Renko, and you were dispatched by your commanders to the mysterious island of Katorga 12 and investigate the radiation from it. It’s kinda like a fictitious Chernobyl like place, but instead of radioactive animals, you are faced with X men gone wrong.

Nate eventually finds out that the Soviets had been working with a powerful substance called Element 99 (or E99) back in the 1950s but the experiments weren't entirely successful. The Russians played with time, with the result you end up transporting back and forth between 2010 and 1955 and you also gain use of the Time Manipulation Device. This device gives you time-manipulation powers. Anything you can think of that ages can be manipulated to age till they reach death, or turn back the clock until they are hapless innocents.

Featured in Singularity as well are awesome sound effects and an even more awesome amount of blood and gore to put to shame other games in the survival horror genre. The AI may be dumb, but the way the game is designed and the smart script put into it keeps you and me from noticing that one flaw.

Singularity has not raised the level of standards for any game for all of its feats, but it’s an incredibly enjoyable and fun one. Hindering it from total victory are the glitches and aged visuals. If those departments have been developed properly, this game would have been able to compete well with the modern releases of today. The game offers a lot of variety, made more exciting with the time manipulation device which virtually puts you into the upper hand of almost every fight you will have in the game.

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June 29, 2010

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