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February 04, 2008

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This game is extremely addicting and will challenge you a lot. Play with up to three highly unique different factions. This is a truly unique game you have to see to really believe.

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I would say that Sins of a Solar Empire is one of those rare strategy games that are extremely addicting, you will not notice you have lost vast numbers of sleep, and a much quantifiable lost in productivity. This game can be considered as the underdog, or an indie, as it was developed by a small company by the name of Ironclad, and thankfully published by Stardock. They have every reason to celebrate now, as Sins of a Solar Empire is one of the most original games in years, and is definitely a huge success.

Set in the distant future, Sins take place in a time where an alliance of various human planets and worlds called the Trader Emergency Coalition is under siege. Actually under 2 threats; the first one is by the Advent, an offshoot of humanity that has come to embrace alien philosophy. Not all like this idea, but the Advent is bent to spread the word and make believers, out of force. 2nd and an even more dangerous threat is the Vasari, an alien race that wants to destroy the humans and the Advents. You can choose to play as any of the three factions, as the game lets you have the freedom to choose.

You start with a single planet, and from there on you must explore the rest of the worlds, with the rest of the worlds comprising of 5 local stars with each having a network of planets around them. You are not out to conquer a galaxy, just a small portion of it. Travel if through space lanes only. The planets come in 4 different flavors: terrain, desert, ice, and volcano. To conquer them you must use appropriate measures.

Under your command is a plethora of space vessels you will use to facilitate your expansion. They come as scouts who explore planets, warships (with 3 different kinds), and capital ships. The last one has the ability to level up and become more powerful, which makes you want to level them up faster so that you can fight your enemies with the upper hand.

Packed with visual appeal in mind, Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute must have for anyone who enjoys strategy games, and not worries about losing too much sleep. It is a fresh and original approach on one of gaming’s oldest genres.

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Release Date:

February 04, 2008

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