Skylanders SuperChargers - Xbox One Cheats


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Super Gamer Dude


Complete the achievements below in order to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points within the game.

Archaeologist (10 points): Collect 10 Legendary Treasures.
Best Driver in Skylands (90 points): Earn all Land vehicle stars.
Catch Me If You Can (10 points): Come in 1st place in any Race level on any difficulty.
Check Out My Ride (10 points): Equip 3 different mods on one vehicle.
Dime (10 points): Reach Portal Master Rank 10.
Driver's Ed (40 points): Fully complete a Driver quest from Buzz.
Eon's Elite (100 points): Complete Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty.
Feng Shui (10 points): Have at least 5 active Legendary Treasures in the Academy at once.
Gold Standard (10 points): Earn 6 gold Emblems.
Grease Monkey (10 points): Fully upgrade a vehicle.
Horn Honker (10 points): Honk your first vehicle horn.
Hugo's Hero (10 points): Complete 10 quests given by Hugo.
Live Wire Locksmith (10 points): Solve 15 Live Wire Lock puzzles.
Mod Master (10 points): Collect 4 vehicle mods.
Ooh, Shiny (90 points): Achieve gold on 12 Emblems.
Pair of Quarters and a Nickel (40 points): Reach Portal Master Rank 55.
Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes (40 points): Reach Portal Master Rank 70.
Perfect Pair (40 points): Defeat an enemy while SuperCharged.
Pole Position (40 points): Come in 1st place in any Race level on each difficulty.
Quarter (10 points): Reach Portal Master Rank 25.
Quarter, Nickel, Dime (10 points): Reach Portal Master Rank 40.
Ready to Roll (10 points): Equip your first Mod.
Road Trip (10 points): Enter a vehicle in Co-Op mode.
Skystones Savant (10 points): Win 15 Games of Skystones: Overdrive.
Tessa's Traveler (10 points): Complete 10 quests given by Tessa.
The Real Collector (10 points): Collect 43 Skystones.
Wanna Race? (10 points): Complete a Race level.

13 Secret Achievements.

Back Where You Belong (20 points): Beat Land of the Undead on any difficulty.
Brawl to the Wall (20 points): Beat Battlebrawl Island on any difficulty.
Chicken Bites (20 points): Beat Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ on any difficulty.
Cloud Kingdom Clearer (20 points): Beat The Cloud Kingdom on any difficulty.
Demolition Derby (20 points): Beat Ridepocalypse Demo Derby on any difficulty.
Jail Break (20 points): Beat The Rift to Skylands on any difficulty.
Knowledge Is Power (20 points): Beat The Spell Punk Library on any difficulty.
Light Giver (90 points): Defeat The Darkness on any difficulty.
Power of Attraction (20 points): Beat Vault of the Ancients on any difficulty.
Raiding the Raiders (20 points): Beat The Bandit Train on any difficulty.
Sock Sniffer (20 points): Beat The Cloudbreather's Crag on any difficulty.
Vacation Getaway (20 points): Beat Monstrous Isles on any difficulty.
Yard Work (20 points): Beat Gadfly Glades on any difficulty.