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August 14, 2012

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Sleeping Dogs invites you to visit Hong Kong's dark underbelly as you take up the role of Wei Shen, a detective assigned to work undercover to take down one of the world's most notorious organised crime outfits: the Hong Kong Triads. Inspired by the style of classic Hollywood thriller movies, this gritty video game lets you roam the city of Hong Kong freely while you begin to be drawn deeper into an enthralling story of betrayal and danger. Sleeping Dogs for Xbox 360 is action-packed and features a highly intuitive combat system that lets you perform a cinematic set of environmental takedowns as you take advantage of features in the world around you to defeat your enemies.

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Sleeping Dogs for the Xbox 360 is an action packed game in which you take on the role of Wei Shen, who is an undercover cop whose sole responsibility is to infiltrate and bring down the Triad gangs. As Wei embarks on this mission he finds himself drawn further and further into the murky underworld and his problems get worse when he questions where his loyalties should lie.

What sets this game apart from other titles is the combat style gameplay, which, unlike GTA and others games such as Sleeping Dogs, presents the user with a much more controlled method of making a kill instead of the killing spree type of point and aim you see countless times with such titles. The storyline also sets this game apart from others and for once I found myself truly engaged in the whole storyline and concept.

Users are taken on a quest which has a similar style and feel to that seen in such games as GTA, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption, and if you have played any of the games mentioned and took a shine to them then perhaps you may find this game worth playing.

There is a downside to this game, and that is the lack of detail and quality from some of the camera angles on upcoming frames. The boundaries should have been pushed a little harder as you see with other developers such as Activision, and then this would then exceed all my expectations.

I also felt the overall main storyline should have been much longer, but to their credit the storyline is very well set out and the sound quality within the gameplay is also very well chosen and of high quality. However, considering the fact that you can finish this game in about 20-30 hours, I feel that they should have expanded the overall gameplay. Although in fairness I have found very few recent games that exceed 20 hours of gameplay.

Taken as a whole the game is a something of a little gem, something different, whilst keeping in touch with a style which has been shown to work, and although it may have been modeled on other top games, enough may have been changed to make it stand out from them. This, coupled with a good storyline and plenty to do, makes this a top game.

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August 14, 2012

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