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November 13, 2007

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It is the first of its kind on Wii – a fun trivia game that is not your usual adventure or puzzle game. However, the game might be smart, but the price isn’t.

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It is the first of its kind on Wii – a fun trivia game that is not your usual adventure or puzzle game. However, the game might be smart, but the price isn’t.

Being the first on this category, EA (Electronic Arts) managed to produce an entertaining 20000-question game that is fit for its platform – the Wii. If you are thinking you might not fully utilize the Wii with this type of game, you are wrong. Not only does it utilize the remote very well, it even has a very user-friendly interface that everyone can actually play without getting bored and restless. The questions differ in difficulty and are actually very entertaining, truly recommended to play with friends and every member of the family.

The only downside of its flight is that it is definitely overpriced. Don’t get us wrong, it might be a great program and all, but it does not well compensate for its hefty price tag, and is the main let-down here.

Along with its simple menus, Smarty Pants also had incorporated Mii avatars that you can either make yourself or choose from pre-created characters. Its AI also gives appropriate questions for your age (you have to enter your age of course) so your kids would not worry that you’ll outsmart them in the games, as you both will have age-tailored questions to answer. Trivia questions may vary in difficulty, from an incredibly difficult one to very easy, and also categorizes on different topics, such as sports, science, places, people, arts, fashion, entertainment and games. It also utilizes two play modes, countdown and wager. For countdown, the longer it takes you to answer a question, the lesser the points you will earn. For wager, you will have to enter in a pre-game target practice, and you will shoot on goals which will determine whether you will have more or less points for each question on the next level. The second mode is more fun because it utilizes the remote’s IR pointer and is a good strategy.

There is also a “buzzing” feature in this game, that’s why you need to be fast with the controller, however you should know when to use or not your controller on the other options. The controls are pretty much controlled by subtle movements, however there are some pre-trivia challenges where you will need to waggle your controller around just to make the next level score higher.

EA made a pretty good job doing this game, making it particularly fun. There are just some small glitches however but is truly enjoyable to be played with friends and family. Buzzing in before the question finishes and giving a wrong answer can also make you lose a turn and “go to jail” for penalty. The mechanics are well thought upon, and it is a learning experience too. However, again, this game is apparently “very simple” to carry its current price proudly, and I think EA should think about it again to be able to compete, as this will not be a first choice for those people who usually play alone and for those who consider value for money.

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November 13, 2007

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