Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing DS User Review

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Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing DS Review

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing: the name says it all! You can choose from a wide array of Sega superstars such as Ulala and Sonic the Hedgehog and go head to head with other superstars in this terrific arcade style racing game. With 24 richly detailed tracks and accurate controls, you can easily head off as your opponents eat your dust.

Starting on your first race is a breeze as the controls are wickedly tight! On top of that, you can drop a few gifts for your friends along the way that will surely blast them away! The boost system, a fine invention to any Sega vehicle, is what heats up the competition. Upon reaching a curve, hold down the drift button. The longer you hold it, the faster the burst when you release it. Strategic timing is needed to take advantage of this wonderful thing.

Of course, the controls would not be noticed enough if the driving range lacks vibrancy. That’s not a problem for All Stars as all 24 race tracks are rich in detail, not only graphically but as well as environmentally. Twists and turns around the roads, long jumps, and branching ways. The tracks never get boring even if you replaying them.

Two single player modes are available in Grand Prix and Mission. In Grand Prix, there are 6 cups with 4 tracks each with 5 AI opponents; the latter is objective based; you choose a character to represent you then take on mini quests. As you complete each track and mode, Sega Miles are rewarded which you can use to unlock characters, tracks, and soundtracks.

Online and local multiplayer play is possible, though limited to 4 players. Nevertheless, the races are still heart pounding as the tracks are as exciting as ever and heavy weapons ready to bid your enemy an explosive goodbye.

The obvious icing to the cake is the astounding visual graphics of the game. The tracks look crisp, and exhibits color variety as they taken from various Sega franchises dating back to the old days that will make any Sega fan reminisce the old days as they are filled to the brim with more detail this time round.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing may not offer anything innovative and new to the gaming world but it can surely stand without any training wheels, like most of the games they create, they seem to have a knack for creating stunning scenery and game playability.