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November 04, 2010

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In Sonic Free Riders, Sonic is speeding onto Kinect for Xbox 360 in an action-packed experience unlike any other. Become your favorite character from the Sonic universe and jump on your board to compete in exhilarating, adrenaline-fueled races against tough competition. High-octane fun for riders of all ages, Sonic Free Riders brings extreme fast-paced boarding action in a main event you won't want to miss. Engage in extreme, lightning-paced boarding action with characters from the Sonic universe including Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, and more, including your personal avatar. Customize your board and bike with unlockable gear and unlock upgrades to increase your speed, skills, and special abilities.

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Sonic and his friends are relaxing, but then there are Babylon Rogues who area group of Whack birds start making their moves and Sonic is forced to use the power of Extreme Gear to teach them some manners. The main game is based on the rogues who are being taught some manners by our spikey haired blue hedgehog.

To control the game you stand with your feet side by side on a snowboard, think skateboard. If you move the the waist, the board will turn with it. This action takes a lot of time and you will strain while trying not to bend the waist, it is a task that can take time as you try to perfect it. When you want to activate boost, you should move your legs as though you are on a skateboard. When you crouch and jump straight in the air you do jumps on screen.

Each of the weapons has a specific motion control as well. The bombs are thrown like football, bowling is bowled. There are rings scattered all over and the players will level up as this increases the speed as the race goes on. If you are hit by the weapons then you will loose some rings and this translates to leveling down the board.

In Sonic Free Riders bikes are also featured and the players control them by standing as they face the screen with their arms held out. When you kick your feet you are activating the boost feature. All the items here control the same as though you are racing. Riding is easier because you can play while sitting on a stool.

In the Free Riders mode, the story is divided into a number of missions. Each of the teams has their own missions to accomplish. The missions look great however they all have a similar feel to them, unlike other Sonic games that change drastically on screen, level to level. The players here will have to learn the skills before they can embark on a full race though. You can also opt not to play race after another and get into doing other more specific challenges like collecting rings or using other special moves for a change of pace.

When you try to make your way through using the screens it is unnecessarily difficult, the menu control is poor, alot of messing about comes as a result. With the progress of the missions, you will earn new boards and some gear parts as well as earn rings that can be used to purchase more items.

Overall a few glitches and perhaps a wider array of screens and levels could of been formed, especially given some of the Sonic releases which are simply fantastic, i expected more to be honest, and less glitches with the game.

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November 04, 2010

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