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by Mazoom
Release Date: 11/16/2006


Sonic Generations has a great deal of entertainment contained in this game package, and this has to be one of the best buys on the Xbox 360 for the money, enabling hours upon hours of relentless fun.

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Sonic Generations was originally created by Sega and they celebrate twenty years of this most popular series by releasing all the popular Sonic the Hedgehog Games onto one gameplay disk. This is a stroke of genius and quite typical of Sega and it means you are now able to play all the classics from 1991 up to the present day.

As millions of gamers are probably aware most levels consist of collecting rings on a diverse number of planets as well as finding hidden passages located within these levels. You are able to travel at high speeds as you jump across various scenes and platforms avoiding or leaping over obstacles that stand in you way.

While traveling across platforms you collect rings so gaining lives, but conversely, losing rings will often result in death, but not always. On occasions, depending on the level in question, you may lose all rings and see them scatter around the screen after taking an initial hit. This also happens on some levels when you bump into something which perhaps you should have avoided. Depending on the current speed you are traveling at, which varies drastically level by level, avoiding hits is not always as easy to achieve as you may initially think.

The depth to these games, I say games as you have the opportunity to play several games, is simply staggering. There are so many levels within each of these games that there are simply hours upon hours of memories to relive from the older classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles. Not only do you get to play the classics, which some of us were brought up with, but you also get to play the later editions where the graphics and gameplay have improved immensely over the years. You get the feeling of being taken back in time when you play the earlier releases, and also get to appreciate just how far the Sega Franchise has come over these last twenty years. Like a vintage wine it seems to age relativity well and the overall taste and simplicity remains, which I feel still appeals to all ages.

So if you are a fan, as many of all ages are, there is a great deal of entertainment contained in this game package and this has to be one of the best buys on the Xbox 360 for the money, enabling hours upon hours of relentless fun.

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