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September 07, 2010

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is an action-packed adventure encompassing four dramatically different parallel universes, each with its own Spider-Man armed with unique strengths. Each stunning universe has its own detailed art design and thrilling gameplay with challenging skill sets to master in order to unlock powerful new moves. Explore dramatic, stunning environments, wield explosive new powers, and face epic boss battles against extraordinary foes. Experience the legendary Super Hero like never before: Four unique worlds. Four distinct Spider-Men. One unparalleled experience.

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Our favorite curb stomping web slinger is back, swinging through the air and pummeling goons and super powered villains in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. This time, Spidey must travel across four-dimensions to hunt down a shattered magical artifact under the guidance of Madame Web. Her ethereal voice guides our hero and gives him plenty of opportunities to do some wisecracks and witty banters that have captured the fans for years, taking nods from pop culture and canon. Thought the dialogue sometimes becomes too repetitive, it still captures Spider-man’s signature appeal.

The game features four different worlds with four different versions of Spidey Amazing, Ultimate, 2099 and Noir. As you play the campaign, the levels unlock in groups of four (one per dimension), offering you your choice of how to play through them. Each world differs in mechanics and in gameplay. Amazing’s world is a centered on hard hitting combat using various hard hitting web powers and classic old school fist fighting while wearing the red and blue suit that made him an Icon. Ultimate centers on sarcastic banters while using lashing tentacle attacks to spice up the combat. 2099 brings you to a futuristic metropolis full of tall buildings for lots of free-falling sequences and Noir, takes its cue from last year’s smash hit. Batman Arkham Asylum taking a break from all the web slinging action, fist pounding action in exchange for stealth, silently picking baddies off in a dark world of gangsters and mafia filled world.

The gameplay is solid. Ok it is badass! Basically, you’re given full control of what Spider-man is capable of stringing together brutal combos which he can learn by buying new move sets by collecting spider-essence from beaten up foes or completing some task and challenges. Foes vary through the different dimensions and there are even instances when you punch the enemies in a first person perspective to keep thing fresh.

But what would Spidey be without his infamous wall-crawling, web slinging abilities? You run and jump with an enjoyable sense of agility and make frequent use of your abilities. Most areas are littered with well-marked locations that you can quickly zip to, and most spaces allow you to webswing whenever you want, regardless of whether or not you are surrounded by tall buildings. This gives you a sense of “freedom” especially when facing foes, you can either swing down and pummel them with kicks and punches or stay out of reach and web sling whatever item you can. Or you can webzip from body to body, kicking off of your enemies' chests and flinging them around with your webs, barely stopping to touch the ground. Spider-Man is a superhero that’s always on the move and this game captures that perfectly.

But it is however not without problems. Sometimes, movement can be tricky especially on some levels that prevent you from using certain abilities due to the level designs which will not give any warnings whatsoever. Thankfully you are given the option to websling back into safety without penalties, in case you missed a websling. Also, camera issues are expected especially when wall crawling or webslinging through awkward corners.

Still, the game is pretty awesome for hardcore fans that’ll definitely enjoy the familiar worlds this game covers, to new or casual fans who just want a good action game while being immersed in the rich graphics and artwork that brings and distinguishes each of the universes.

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September 07, 2010

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