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October 21, 2008

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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows on the PC will see a fusion of web-slinging and powerful combat moves combined to create an unbeatable, all-new fighting system that intuitively blends Spider-Man's speed and strength with the environment for deadly new attacks and combos. At a moment's notice, you can harness the grace, agility and acrobatics of Spider-Man Red Suit, or leverage the brute, savage power of the Black Suit. Switch suits at any time to create devastating never-before-seen combos and finishing moves. With some of the greatest heroes and most notorious villains in the Marvel Universe, including staples such as Luke Cage and Vulture, your choices control who will ultimately aid you in the fight to rid New York of the alien symbiote.

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Only die hard Spider-man fans will rave about this game. Web acrobatics make up about the only part of the game that gives any enjoyment to the average gamer. This aspect of the game even makes the bland background and the repetitive fight moves forgiveable. Your enemies are assorted thugs, techno-troopers and the less common super villain, and after an Symbiote encounter you take on zillions of some sort of zombie type things, from whom you have to protect New York City. The repetitive combat does improve a little as you unlock more skills, and changing the color of your spider suit from blue to black, which can be done at the press of a button, accesses a different skill set.

The graphics are not overly good but the animation of Spider-man is an exception in being really very good even if the voice does not fit well with the character. Curiously Spider man is given a choice between good and evil routes and although a little pointless as choosing the evil option is out of character for him, the choice does have a bearing on how the game progresses. The menu presentation is badly thought out, and any time fire, or water from a burst hydrant is on screen the frame rate is seriously slowed, and graphics glitches are not uncommon.

All in all, swinging on the webs and the Spider-man animation are about the only good aspects of the game. I won't be playing it again.

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Oct 28, 2014

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October 21, 2008

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