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January 19, 2009

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Star Ocean: Second Evolution has been completely rebuilt for the PSP system, with a revised game engine, and an improved real-time battle system that will keep players immersed in the action. As always the private action system adds depth to the story, introducing riveting subplots between characters. In Second Evolution, more private actions have been added allowing characters to interact in new and exciting ways. Other characters degree of feelings for you will affect how they act towards you, how they assist you in battle, and could even alter the end of the game. The game boasts a host of improvements added exclusively for the PSP version, including real-time battles, new character designs, and fully voiced animated cutscenes.

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The first edition of the Star Ocean has not really been that successful, so many are thinking why they made a second edition. I did like the first one but it did have some flaws. Well, the Second Evolution has really come out for competition. It is a lot better than the first one and for sure, it will be a hit among gamers. It is somehow an updated version of the first edition, learning from what had happened in the first. All corrections were made to the Second Evolution making it a better game to play. The creator of this game knows exactly that the PSP can fully show what the game is all about. They took advantage of the wide screen of the PSP to show the quality of the game. Still, the game is not perfect but it is a lot better. You will notice this if you have played the previous installment.

In the game, you can either choose from Claude C. Kenny or Rena Lanford. These two were on a journey to find their way back home and discover the mystery of a meteorite that had just landed. You can also choose other characters to join your journey and act as a support class. If you had played the first edition before, the layout of the Second Edition is very similar.

There will still be the usual big towns, dungeons to explore, a world map, random battles and many others. Combats will always be around which act as the challenges that the two characters must face before getting to their goal. The game play is very simple but more exciting than the first edition. If you had played the first edition, you will definitely see the big difference between the two. There is much more enjoyment in the Second Evolution.

The graphics look very good and this is a major improvement from the first edition. The audio and voice acting also improved. The plot was just the same as the first edition but the game play has become better. There have been a lot of improvements for the Star Ocean editions. And having the second one is a breather.

The effort given to the Second Evolution is tremendously impressive. Changing the mistakes from the first one to make an updated version in the second one is difficult but the creator has made it very well. Now, Star Ocean: Second Evolution can really be something worth recommending. I would give it 7/10.

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Jan 9, 2014

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January 19, 2009

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