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November 03, 2009

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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron greatest asset for prolonged play is its multiplayer modes. With up to 16 players competing in Infrastructure Mode, it can really feel like you're in the middle of one of the greatest Star Wars battles ever. For instance, you could initially spawn onto the map on a planet and engage in an all-out blaster war before stealing an aerial vehicle and taking on opposing players in a dogfight over the battlefield.

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Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron was released to bring back or at least regain what was once very popular among the masses -the star wars franchise. But just as expected, the new installment was a miss and it just continued the downward spiral that was started with the first battlefront release.

You could tell that they really tried to improve on a lot of things on this one. But all those improvements were just not quite right and still fell short of what most people wanted see and experience. The concept was great but it failed big time in the application. If only more work was put into it then maybe it would have turned out better.

What you could do with the characters was a big leap from the previous installment. You could do different attacks and defenses now. Everything was so promising. Then there’s the control. How do you expect to do it well when the controls are that complicated? It could have been made a lot easier and a lot more game-enticing.

The story mode is also a great disappointment. From the names of the characters to the mission that they have to do and your role in it, everything just seems uncreative at some point. You would even often times get lost with what is going on because what the character is narrating and what is being shown onscreen are frequently out of synch. You should be a really star wars fanatic to understand things really well. Its main campaign, despite its being relatively short, is a good thing in some ways since you can replay it again and again. You then just have to adjust the level of difficulty and then just start over again.

What saves the bad storyline is the high degree of customizing that you can do with your battle troops. You are fully in charge with what they wear and what weapons they use. If you are that type of player who loves to customize, then you probably would like this feature in the new battlefront installment.

Another thing that saves this game from being a total upset is that its graphics are really gorgeous despite being designed just for the PSP. It still looks as stunning as most of its console counterparts. Even in battles you couldn’t see any minor faults – in terms of the graphics, that is. Some games sacrifice game speed for a great visual but this game does not do that. Even when your screen is jam-packed with a lot of fighting, the speed still remains to be as fast as it was when you started the game.

If you are truly a star wars fanatic then you wouldn’t have any issues with this since you would definitely look past any flaws that it has. But if you aren’t.then this game is not for you. It may be a good past time and when a new game comes along, you will surely not miss it.

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November 03, 2009

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