Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - PC Cheats


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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy PC Cheats.

Hit Shift + ~ to activate the text screen

Type devmapall or helpusobi 1 to enable cheats

devmapall Enables cheats
god Enable god mode
give all Give all Weapons, ammo, force mana, etc.
noclip No clipping Mode
quit Quit game
kill Suicide
notarget Turns off Enemy AI
npc kill all Kills all NPCs
devmap (level name) Warps to that level with cheats on
sabercolor (color1)(color2) Changes saber's color
setsaberall (1 to 10) Raises saber abilities
setforceall (1 to 3) Set force abilities
timescale (#) Changes game speed (1 is default)
taunt Taunt (duh!)
g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers (0 or 1) Pick up dropped sabers
drive_atst Drive an AT-ST
fly_xwing Fly an X-Wing (Can cause game to crash)
give health Increase health
give armor Increase armor
give ammo Increase ammo
helpusobi 1 This enables the cheats. It works the same as "devmapall."
give force This recharges your force power meter to max.
map (level name) This works the same as devmap, but cheats will not be enabled
when you use it this way.
com_maxfps (X) Set your maximum frame rate.
cg_drawfps 1 Shows your framerate on screen.
thereisnospoon Matrix-Style Camera
g_saberrealisticcombat 2 Dismemberment on!!
iknowkungfu [/b ] Use streetfighting moves e.g. Throws, punches, kicks
[b]setforceall 7
Sets force skills to their maximum effective level.
Saber offence max setting is 7.
saber 1 saber 1 Grants you dual lightsabers. They start as the color red usually
however their colors can be changed.
saber dual_1 Gives you a double edged lightsaber. The number you use at the
end effects which hilt you get. Any number 1-5 works.
setsaberstyle x Gives you one saberstyle x. You can use Fast, Medium, Strong, Dual,
and a few others in place of x.
addsaberstyle x Adds another saberstyle to your list, type fast, medium, strong,
dual, etc. in place of x.
saber single_x Gives you one saber, type a number 1-6 in place of x for different hilts.
saber single_x single_x Gives you dual sabers, where x is a value 1-6 for different hilts.
npc spawn jedimaster Spawns a jedi master to help you.
npc spawn jedi_random Spawns a random jedi to help you.
npc spawn reborn_new Spawns an enemy reborn with a single saber
npc spawn rebormmaster Spawns an enemy reborn master. Now you can make large scale jedi
fights wherever you go =).
npc spawn <charactername> You can also spawn some of the popular characters, such as luke,
kyle, rosh and tavion for some epic battles =).
model jawa Play as a Jawa
swoop_mp Spawns a red colored swoop bike
swoop_mp2 Spawns a blue colored swoop bike
x-wing Spawns a flyable X-Wing (this will not crash the game)
tie-fighter Spawns a flyable TIE Fighter
tie-bomber Spawns a flyable TIE Bomber
tie-bomber2 Spawns a flyable TIE Bomber (as far as I can tell the
weapons don't fire)
lambdashuttle Spawns a flyabel Imperial Shuttle
z-95 Spawns a flyable Z-95
atst_vehicle Spawns a pilotable AT ST Walker
wampa_vehicle Spawns a ridable wampa (Note: You have to jump on the wampa
to ride it. If you hit the use button you will get on and then get off)
rancor_vehicle Spawns a ridable Rancor (Note: you have to do the same thing as the wampa )
wildtauntaun Spawns a ridable Wild Tauntaun (this is tauntaun has no harness)
tauntaun Spawns a ridable Tauntaun.
playermodel boba_fett Play as Boba Fett
playerteam free Fight the good side and the dark side
playermodel default Stormtrooper model and makes you an enemy
npc spawn tavion_scepter Spawns endboss tavion with scepter and lightsaber
npc spawn tavion_sith_sword Spawns endboss tavion with the sword
npc spawn saber_droid Spawns a droid equipped with a saber
saber Sith_Sword Your lightsaber becomes a sword with saber powers
Playermodel X Play as selected character
NPC spawn rebornchiss Spawns a barkeeper with dual sabers
NPC spawn Noghri Spawns a Noghri (Blue Guy)
NPC spawn Kyle_Boss Spawns Kyle
Saber Sith_Sword Sith_Sword Dual Sith Swords
G_knockback X X is a number. The higher it is the futher people are knocked back.
undying 999 life, but armor the same
playermodel wampa Your a wampa "" those big guys in holo ""
Fraglimit # Changes Kill Limit to desired amount. 0 is unlimited.
playermodel luke Play as Luke Skywalker, 200 max force
playermodel kyle Play as Kyle Katarn
playermodel desann Play as Desann (from JKII)
playermodel tavion Play as Tavion
PLAYERMODEL WEEQUAY[2-5] Play as a Weequay (each # indicates a different colored shirt)
Play as a Gran
NPC SPAWN CHEWIE Spawn Chewbacca
NPC SPAWN KYLE Spawn Kyle Katarn
NPC SPAWN HUMAN_MERC Spawn an enemy human mercenary
NPC SPAWN WEEQUAY(1-5) Spawn a Weequay (clothing colors vary with number)
Spawn a Trandoshan
NPC SPAWN R5D2 Spawn an R5D2
NPC SPAWN REBORN_NEW Spawn a Reborn_new
NPC SPAWN REBORN_DUAL Spawn a Reborn with dual sabers
NPC SPAWN CULTIST_SABER_STRONG_THROW Spawn a Cultist whose saber style is strong
and throws his saber
NPC SPAWN CULTIST_GRIP Spawn a Cultist that utilizes force grip
NPC SPAWN REBORN_STAFF Spawn a Reborn with a saber staff
NPC SPAWN R2D2 Spawn an R2D2
NPC SPAWN CULTIST_SABER_STRONG_THROW2 Spawn an alternate version of a Cultist whose saber
style is strong and throws his saber
NPC Spawn rockettrooper2officer Spawns a rockettrooper2 with a jetpack. (DO NOT try and use
playermodel for this one. if you try to fly your jetpack
the game will crash)
NPC Spawn rockettrooper2 Spawns a rockettrooper2 without a jet pack
NPC Spawn Ragnos Spawns Ragnos. ( This guy is weird cause he shoots bullets
at you out of his stomach. :P)
NPC Spawn Tavion_scepter Spawns tavion with the sith scepter.
NPC Spawn Boba_Fett Spawns Boba Fett
NPC Spawn Human_Merc Spawns a Human_Merc (He gets on the vehicle nearest to him.)
NPC Spawn Morgankatarn Spawns Kyle Katarn's father. ( He won't move for some reason though.)
NPC Spawn Tavion_sith_sword Spawns tavion with a sith sword.
NPC Spawn rebornchiss Spawns a bartender with double lightsabers. (BOO-YAH)
NPC SPAWN ROCKETTROOPER Spawns a stormtrooper commander variant with rocket launcher
NPC SPAWN MUTANT_RANCOR Spawns a mutant rancor
NPC SPAWN REBEL Spawns a rebel trooper with regular blaster
NPC SPAWN SWAMPTROOPER Spawns a swamp trooper
NPC SPAWN SHADOWTROOPER Spawns a shadow trooper with lightsaber
NPC SPAWN SABOTEURSNIPER Spawns an imperial spy with laser rifle
NPC SPAWN SABOTEURCOMMANDO Spawns an imperial spy variant
NPC SPAWN STOFFICERALT Spawns a stormtrooper commander with flachette weapon
NPC SPAWN PROBE Spawns an imperial probe droid
Spawns a hazard trooper with machine gun
NPC SPAWN IMPWORKER Spawns an imperial worker with blaster pistol
NPC SPAWN IMPERIAL Spawns an imperial officer variant with regular blaster
NPC SPAWN SABOTEUR Spawns an imperial spy with regular blaster
NPC SPAWN STCOMMANDER Spawns a stormtrooper commander with machine gun
NPC SPAWN IMPCOMMANDER Spawns an imperial officer with regular blaster
npc spawn cultist Spawns a Cultist using an E-11 blaster rifle
npc spawn cultist_grip Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Grip
npc spawn cultist_drain Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Drain
npc spawn cultist_lightning Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Lightning
npc spawn cultist_saber Spawns a weak saber-weilding Cultist