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September 07, 2010

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Start the Party! is a collection of whole-body mini-games that can be played alone or with a group. It is one of the first retail releases to use the PlayStation Move motion control add-on system. Players slash, swing, jab, and swat with their PlayStation Move Navigation Controllers, to trace and paint onscreen shapes, bat away at buzzing bugs, give super-fast haircuts to a bushy-headed character, smack open a piñata, pop floating soap bubbles, and perform other action challenges. More than 20 different activities are featured. Through the PlayStation Eye camera -- part of the motion-control accessory system -- the game puts images of the players in the game screen, so they can watch themselves in action.

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This game consists of nine minigames for the solo free play mode, amongst which are the haircut game, robot extermination and ghost busting, all providing some good moments of play. Other games included are helicopter rescue, parachute panic and poppin’, plus more. The games in the free play mode can be a little repetitive but there is another option, the Survival mode. This play mode is much faster than the free play and more of a challenge since it has timed-play, and a place on the leader board. In this mode there are also mnigames that do not feature in free play. Games such as Whack-a-Mole where you have a go at squashing moles that come out of the ground, and Fruit Ninja, where you have to slice fruit with a large sword. Start the Party is a family-themed party game and up to four players can be accommodated at a time, competing for top spot on the scoreboard.

There are no hidden depths; if you wanted them you would not be looking at this title in the first place. The strong point of this game is its highly sensitive ability to track movements. Start the Party is quite a test of the potential abilities of Sony’s Move-controller. Generally I found the game pretty reasonable, the gameplay is good; and the fun factor is there, although, having said that, this game is probably best for families with children, or in the solo play mode for those under 10 years old. The sound and visual presentation is satisfactory. There are no control lags as the Move-controller’s function is flawless and smooth.

Its passable but really kid’s stuff.

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September 07, 2010

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