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September 18, 2007

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In Stuntman: Ignition, you find yourself back in the driver's seat as you perfectly execute a variety of reckless moves. Taking the role of the Hollywood stunt driver, you must complete death-defying stunts on courses including Aftershock, Kill, and Chaser to earn money and unlock new missions. Using 25 vehicles, work your way 36 stunt runs by completing dangerous tricks for action films, commercial shoots, and tournaments. Outside of the action, you can create your own tracks filled with dangerous displays of driving and then trade them with friends online.

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Like anyone who is new in the scene, you’ll start as someone fresh and ready to prove him to the world. As you go along, you will definitely make your own name and mark as a successful stunt driver. Your first assignment is in the movie Aftershock. There you will deal with dangerous tilted volcano adventure. If you perform well, your next job will be the country action Whoopin’ and a Hollerin’ II; then Strike Force Omega directed by action star, Karl Steel; Overdrive; Never Kill Me Agai; and the Night Avenger. The parodies are done amazingly. You’ll get to work with different kinds of people including strict, stickler, or even mere quibble personalities that will add color to the game.

In each film, you should be able to perform six stunts. The actions takes place on a real-like setting coupled with bombs set to explode as you perform the stunts, escaping collapsing buildings, avoiding dangers, or going through obstacles. Large yellow icons indicate your stunts that will appear on the screen. If you have been playing these kinds of games, then expect to perform jumps, bump and chase in to cars, make a quick drift on a sharp corner, or even crash the car and manage to get out alive.

The screen is very live and full of movement. This can be somehow frustrating as it will be very difficult to see where you are to go next and what to do. This could be one of the most important drawbacks. Once you miss a stunt, you’ll receive a strike. Once you get five strikes, you have to reshoot the scene. Another are the conditions that would make you restart the whole scene is falling into water or hot lava or simply placing far behind in a chase sequence. Unless the trial and error thing doesn’t bug you at all, then it’ll be very fine. There are levels that will require memorization for you to perfect. But this is all part of the adventure. Moreover, there are some critical scenes that will make you tilt your body as you tilt the analogue stick. Scores and ratings are star-based and from the number of stars you get, you will ascend to another movie project.

The game also offers multiplayer mode that involves two different race types: Blacklot battle and Blacklot race. The former includes performing as many stunts as you can with a determined set of lapses while the latter practically involves a race where you get nitro bursts when you do stunts. More than two players online can be very chaotic.

The sound quality is fair enough. You’ll hear your stunt coordinator shout often as you go along the whole course.

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September 18, 2007

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