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August 28, 2007

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Stuntman: Ignition will see players take on the adrenaline fuelled role of a Hollywood Stuntman as you work for a series of directors over the course of six blockbuster movies.  Each film consists of six scenes and in each one of these you will drive a different vehicle, they all handle differently and will take some practice to master.  Race through the set completing your directors designated stunts, hit them all to achieve the highest rating but you can miss four before you will be forced to reshoot the scene; this allows you to master your runs and become the greatest stuntman in the business.

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Xbox 360


With the assistance of the career mode of the game, as the player, you will take on the role of a commercial stuntman who has not established a name and is trying his best to succeed. You will work on your first movie called Aftershock and if your performance is excellent, you will keep on working with an action sequel, a directorial movie of an action star, a 1970’s cop movie, one of the latest in a spy series and a comic-book inspired movie. The film’s misrepresentation is functional since they are very detailed in the kind of film that is targeted and at the same time, they satisfy a lot of extensive Hollywood conventions. There are several additions to make the game fun just like the stereotyped persona's of various directors and the movie trailers.

There will be 6 individual stunt sequences to work on in every film and the sequences are set in a location with a serpentine form and filled with explosions, stunt drivers, buildings that have crumbled and set pieces. You need to maneuver your way through these obstacles at the same time, hit specific stunts and keep up with the pace. Stunts will highlighted on the screen using big, yellow icons while your coordinator will call them out as you go near them. Stunts to perform will include jumps, two wheel driving, execute barrel rolls, pull the wheelies, move from one corner to another, collide with other cars and props and a lot more.

Most of the time, the screen will be dense with activities resulting to a kinetic action feel, yet, it is also hard to know where you will be going next. At times, this will be disappointing since margin of error of the game which is acceptable is very thin. When you miss a stunt, you will have a strike and after five consecutive strikes, you need to redo the entire sequence all over again. There will be a star rating depending on the score you have made for every performance and you will move from one film to the next by way of your amassed star rating.

If you find it difficult to increase your star rating, you can perform odd jobs just like joining in stunt-driving exhibitions and working on a television advertisement. These are even more intolerant since if you obtain a single strike, it will be the end of your performance. Apart from the career mode, multiplayer mode is present consisting of two race types. One of these is the backlot battle which concentrates on numerous stunt performances according to the number of laps in a set and the other type called backlot race mode is simpler and you will be rewarded with bursts of nitro in your stunt performances.

Although, there are differences in the game when seen in different consoles, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are quite analogous. Graphics are sharp; the details seem nice especially in vehicles, environments and explosions. The frame rate is not always permanent with some textures that are spiteful. The quality of the sound effects will be hard to judge considering that the frequent shouts of the stunt coordinator will obscure it. The game in its entirety is a remarkable improvement from the original Stuntman.

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August 28, 2007

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