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November 20, 2004

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In Super Mario 64 DS, a port of the original game, Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by Bowser. To rescue her, you'll need to traverse her castle and search it room by room. In each castle is an interactive painting that takes you to a new area. The more Power Stars you collect in these areas, the more of the castle you unlock. After achieving 80 Power Stars, you'll unlock the final battle. "Super Mario 64 DS" plays similarly to other Super Mario Bros. titles. You'll run, jump, and stomp on the heads of your enemies. To gain Power Stars, you'll complete objectives in each level. Goals can range from gathering coins to completing quests for NPC characters.

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Super Mario 64 is a classic title for the DS gaming platform. Enough has been changed in the game to make you feel refreshed, and the addition of quirky mini games have found a solution for the DS’ stylus to be put into good use.

The game opens with Princess Peach inviting Mario in her castle for a party. Mario shows up with Wario and Luigi, and the three of them enters the castle. The princess and mario’s gang disappears. Yoshi who is on the top of the castle, notices that things are just a little bit too quiet, sets off to find out what happened.

You control Yoshi first, and he is handled in almost the same way as Mario is. After defeating the enemies, Yoshi will subsequently find where Mario, Luigi, and Wario are, and you’ll be able to switch characters as often as you want to and as the need arises for with different characters comes different powers. You and the gang will now venture into a quest to help Princess Peach.

By default, the game is played without any involvement of the touch screen. The D pad is for movement while the buttons are used for jumping, ducking, attacking, and running. You can change the settings to be utilize the touch screen, but it is far better suited to the other modes in the game than the Story Mode.

The touch screen is used to view and display a downward view of the area level. Stars are highlighted on the map so they are easier to find. Red coins, a total of 8 are also in each level, and can be collected for s star.

The Multiplayer Mode supports up to 4 persons. Only one game card is required as the data can be wirelessly transmitted to the other DS’s. Nothing much can be said about this mode, as the only objective of the game is to knock off the stars from other players and collecting them.

Mini games are newest addition to the DS version of Mario 64. You start off with 8 games, and as you progress, other mini games will be unlocked. These games use the stylus in a variety of games, such as drawing it back for a slingshot effect and firing shots at parachutes.

Mario 64 for DS is a great start for Nintendo fans out there, a truly classic title to the ever increasing Mario franchise.

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November 20, 2004

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