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The Mario franchise has been in the market for a long time now. We have seen different genres where Mario was in but what seems to be common to each is the core gameplay. Each Mario might be unique in itself but you cannot take away the fact that each one also has similarity to the rest, one way or another. What simply vary as time goes by are the graphics and mechanics of the game.

Can you imagine how primitive the other Mario games appear when placed side by side to Galaxy? Super Mario Galaxy raises the bar relatively high enough that its concept alone put other games to shame. When you play the game, you instantly notice how well the game was designed. It somehow even brings both nerds and game fanatics together since it makes use of a lot of physics to bring the game to life.

Each level in the game is worth playing and nothing seems to be considered as an “add-on level” just to make the game longer. There is so much variety in the game that you never get bored playing it, considering the fact that you have to accomplish quite a number of tasks before you can proceed to the next level. The standards might have increased in a sense that you have to collect more stars this time around but it’s never a problem when you play the game.

Do you remember the first time you ever got your first Nintendo game? Well, Galaxy gives you that same ol’ feel. Because of the countless things you can do with Mario, you begin to be very protective of him and simply keep him to yourself. Well, that definitely doesn’t pose much of a problem since the game is very weak in terms of multiplayer. The second player is very limited in the things he could do and even look kind of dumb at times.

The graphics and sound of this game are also topnotch. They even combine so well that it makes the whole gaming experience really unforgettable. It can even be said that the graphics in this game is one of the best in its era and can compete with games ahead of its time. You are immersed in a different world … a world that seems to be very real because of the details in it.

But like everything else, there is no such thing as a perfect game. Every game has a glitch here and there. Super Mario Galaxy might have imperfections but it doesn’t hurt the game in any way. These are just minor things and are forgivable. In fact, the defects can be cured by constantly playing the game since the more you play the game the easier it becomes to use the controls.

It is safe to say that Super Mario Galaxy is the best game ever made by Nintendo and one of the best games of its time. When you play this game, expect to be blown away with the whole gaming experience.

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Super Gamer Dude


Mario returns, this time with his pal Yoshi, to chase the evil King Bowser through the universe to save Princess Peach. Released in 2010, Super Mario Galaxy 2 picks up where the original Super Mario Galaxy left off and expands the game's concepts to new galaxies, further refining the gravity defying stunts performed by Mario and providing increasingly intricate level design. In addition to returning power ups, such as the fire flower and bumblebee Mario, new power-ups are introduced. Look forward to using drill Mario to drill through spherical planets. Utilize rock Mario to smash through previously impenetrable obstacles. The "cloud Mario" power up allows Mario to create cloud platforms in mid air to save a falling player, or to reach thought to be inaccessible platforms. In addition to these identified power-ups, Yoshi returns in a mainline Super Mario 3D adventure for the first time since Super Mario Sunshine. For those gamers disappointed by Yoshi's seemingly half-baked implementation of Mario's prehistoric pal, Super Mario Galaxy 2's implementation will erase such memories. No longer is Yoshi limited to land, or simply spitting fruit juices. As if Yoshi's inclusion wasn't enough for Mario fanatics, Mario's brother Luigi is finally playable from the start of the adventure.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, picking up where Super Mario Galaxy left off, is clearly the better for development time being spent on ensuring the game can be played by all ages and skill levels. The game begins with a 2D representation of the world and as the player slowly masters Mario's moves, the world opens up and before the player realizes it, Mario is performing acrobatic moves not seen even in Olympic competition. As some of the acrobatic feats require intricate timing, Nintendo has seen it fit to add a "super guide" for those players who fail a challenge multiple times. The gamer is provided the opportunity to view Hint TVs should an objective be unclear and can alternatively allow the computer to take control of Mario to complete a task. No longer will new players in the Mario universe be stymied to the point of frustration by a single objective. The player is awarded a bronze start rather than the usual gold star, but the player is allowed to progress. In an additional effort to maintain a wide audience, the cooperative Co-Star mode returns in the sequel and offers less experienced gamers either the benefit of point and play action, or the assistance from a fellow gamer as they clear the way for the newbie to control Mario throughout the world.

As core gameplay concepts were already established in the original, Super Mario Galaxy 2 ups the presentation ante, providing instances of beautiful graphical bump mapping and a massive increase in sweeping, orchestral music. The effect of such orchestrated music cannot be overstated, as experiencing Mario soaring through the atmosphere as the vibration of stringed instruments float through the air is both exhilarating and jaw-dropping. The Super Mario Galaxy aesthetic is continued in it's sequel, providing sprawling visits as well as tightly designed, dungeon inspired locales. Primary colors splash off of the screen and fill your retina's with beautifully formed polygonal representations of Mario and the gang. Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes everything that made Super Mario Galaxy excellent, further refines it, and adds unique gameplay twists to leave players with the greatest 3D platforming experiencing found in all of gaming.