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February 09, 2010

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In Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, AiAi and all his friends are rolling back onto the Wii this Winter in an all-new party game compatible with the Wii Balance Board. With over 70 puzzle stages and 21 mini-games this game has something for the whole family to enjoy. Multiplayer options include a Co-op mode for 2 players as well as a host of mini-games for up to 4 players. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, tackle the new Marathon and Mirror Image modes or search for hidden items in each of the game’s 70 puzzle levels. Get ready for a whole new level of monkey madness as Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll rolls into living rooms this winter.

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Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll promised to be one of the more exciting and challenging games in the Monkey Ball franchise. The vibrancy of the colors are still there creating for very attractive features as well as the music that is to be expected and the classic monkey in a ball challenges.

The Wii version, however, was lacking in the features that fans and Monkey Ball diehards take for granted. The game has to be played using a balance board which does nothing but frustrate the gamer. The minigames are fun but do not respond to the controls. In short, this is a step down from the high quality and much beloved game franchise.

The game sticks to the old plot of the monkey in the ball where the monkey go from one stage to the next and several levels through many themed worlds. But where the previous games made it effortless to jump and gain momentum, this is removed from the Wii version. Instead there is a balance board support which does nothing in terms of easy control and gaining momentum to go from one area to the next. There are minigames here which are not found in some of the earlier games but the lack of originality does nothing in terms of challenge.

There are also none of the challenging puzzles to solve which was the core of the Monkey Ball games; instead the worlds are split into 10 different levels, two of which are bonus rounds. Once the 10th level get completed the gamer is forced to watch the credits. At first it is okay but when one has to go through 70 levels it gets kind of boring and frustrating. Fast forward should have been an added feature but was not.

The only great thing about the Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll Wii version is the presentation. The visuals are stunning and makes for a solid visual candy. Simply watching the monkey going through the motions makes it fun by itself, unfortunately it is not enough.

If one were to play this game for the first time with no history of the previous games, one would think that this is the first ever game in the franchise. There are fewer features, less minigames and there are no boss fights. The challenging puzzles are no longer there either. So even with the balance board feature addition, there is no way that this can improve the disappointment of what should have been a fairly great game.

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February 09, 2010

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