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April 27, 2010

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Super Street Fighter IV has bulked up a bit since its predecessor's release - and it shows from the very second the vibrant character select screen appears. There are a colossal 35 starting fighters to choose from, with Street Fighter IV's full roster making an appearance along with some new faces mixing with the familiar. Favourites such as Ken, Guile and Chun-Li are still present, along with the fresh-faced fighters introduced in the previous game, including the rotund yet quick Rufus and quirky Mexican luchadore El Fuerte. They're joined by some of the characters which you had to unlock in Street Fighter IV, such as Akuma and Gen.

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by Capcom
Release Date: 06/28/2011

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If you were to ask: Which fighting game should gamers buy? Chances are, you’d get a common answer: it’s Super Street Fighter IV. The iconic game from Capcom is back! And you bet, it’s a whole new improved Street Fighter. And get this - the online suite has also been recreated.

The mechanics and the battle system are familiar to everyone as they are basically the same as the last Street Fighter. The old Super Combo Gauge is still there. This is where you unleash your EX moves and specials. And the Revenge Gauge is a counter that permits you to pull off ultras upon enemies. The 25-member fighters are still there. Hence, the issue here is whether or not the so-called expansion of Super Street Fighter IV is worth it.

Now the game roots its strength from a combination of complication and convenience. The game appeals to the beginners because anybody can handle the controller and make decent moves. The Focus Attack feature is there to assist everyone. That spells convenience. This expansion is not a revolution of the original, but it is still the best fighting game around. Along with this, the challenge of game complication still exists. The moment you know the basics and the special moves of the characters, you can go to the next level and learn combos and go to EX Focus cancels. The characters have basically the same inputs; thus, the challenge is on how you time these skills in a fight. Character acquaintance should not be forgotten; knowing the skills of your opponent gives you the edge of anticipating what comes next. The expansion pack has added 10 characters which are completely new to the game. This again present a venue to play around and learn about them.

The game has now a total of 35 characters, so you won’t have any difficulty finding someone that suits the fighting style you like most. All the characters are available even at the start of the game. No more vexatious arcade campaigns to unlock characters. But should you still want to go to the arcade mode, you can still find some neat cinematic.

You can also find another improvement in the online mode. The problem of having only Ranked and Player matches as the available options is now a thing of the past. The point system in the game is also enhanced by implementing the more straightforward two-point system. Players can now gain points for victories in online contests and lose them if they are defeated. In addition, Battle Points are also awarded to those who attain a certain rating with a character. So you can now experiment with other characters because the points you gather when playing with each is unaffected by the result of the others. The only blow you receive is the overall points. There are now two aspects to look into with each player, the overall score and the best fighter score.

Still more on the online mode; the game is now supplemented with the team battle that is played on 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. The players take turns to fight each of the opponents in the opposite team. Endless Battle mode is also present; which actually feels more like an endless arcade mode.

But the game is not perfect. Super Street Fighter IV did not include the Championship mode. As Capcom always hosts tournaments, the Championship mode would have been a good practice or training ground for players. This necessitates downloading the game if you want to join competitions, which are quite inconvenient, to say the least.

Given all that was mentioned, Super Street Fighter IV is highly recommended for both hardcore fans and newbies alike.

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April 27, 2010

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