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May 10, 2011

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Superstars V8 Next Challenge offers a bevy of improvements over the first game in the series. The default difficulty level in Next Challenge is Arcade, easing in the less hardcore racer and even letting them take a few knocks from other cars without feeling it too much. However, it takes but a few tweaks (such as turning off ABS braking, switching to manual and taking an in-car point of view) to create a much more sim-like experience. The game makes use of developer Milestone's X Engine technology, seen elsewhere in the SBK series.

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Release Date: 02/08/2011

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In the past year’s dozens and dozens of racing titles have made it or failed on the PS3. As a matter of fact, many people have already played many racing games and so they have got to know what they want inside a racing game. Truly, Superstars V8 Racing Next Challenge steps up to this call yet with a big pit fall.

Well to start off, all racing games have a theme. You know, some racing games are underground races that consist of drag race, circuit race, knockout race, and so on. While others are all about the original and traditional form of racing and focuses more on the driving experience rather than anything else. Superstars V8 however, as is implied by the name, focuses on V8 cars. The detail of the V8 cars is great and you can have many known car manufacturers sponsor your car.

The AI puts up the challenge as it aims to really defeat you and give you a good time in racing. You can bet that the AI can and will do anything to get pass you, which is really nice for a challenge as in most times you do not have the option to go multiplayer. Until then the AI will keep you company.

The environmental details are great and the theme really complements the game play. When you it rains the road of course gets wet and this makes it a bit slippery. However the game suffers from the multiplayer experience, and if you have 2 controllers ready to slug it out, then I suggest you hide the other one.

The game does not have a split screen. This means you can only pass the controller around and compete against each other in a time challenge mode. I’m not really sure if this is suitable since the only game that I recalled that did the passing of the controller was in the PSP when players played another racing game in the same mode. But put it in the PS3? That is not a good idea. It takes away all the fun in multiplayer and focuses on single player game play.

The game has nice graphics indeed, but sometimes the frame slows down a little, and at times make the screen move like chunks of blocks. However this does not persist all throughout the game.

The game is great but it doesn’t really do anything to redefine the racing games, or even tries to settle itself different from other games. The whole idea is great but how is this going to make fans put away their GT game on the side and put this on instead?

Over time the game gets boring most especially if you are not a racing game fan as it offers nothing special. As a matter of fact, some players thought that they would be better off playing other racing titles as this one lacks excitement.

Overall, the game racks up a good punch in terms of single player mode and I think its focused on that way. Just do try the multiplayer mode though. I would rate it 7.5 out 10.

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Dec 13, 2014

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May 10, 2011

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