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February 20, 2007

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Supreme Commander says it's time to bring some real strategy to the world of PC gaming. This sci-fi war game is laid out to let players see and control any and all of the fighting, from isolated skirmishes between single squadrons to the coordinated maneuvers of all allied forces across an entire continent. Scope and scalability are what set Supreme Commander apart from its predecessors in the style. The player's view can be zoomed, smoothly and continuously, from a detailed focus on a single unit to an encompassing panorama of the entire theater of war. The game's interface is streamlined for strategic movements and synchronized attacks, allowing players to coordinate the actions of vehicles and troops on a global level with ease and efficiency.

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For the record, most RTS games rely on the theory that “winning is not based on the numbers, it’s on the strategy” thus bearing the term “strategy” but it does become a lot more fun if you can form a big army to totally pound your opponent to the ground. And believe me, at most times it is a lot more fun to do so than just be economic. Bearing that in mind, gas powdered games released supreme commander for the PC which gives you the fulfilment of making and commanding a huge army.

In this game whether in skirmish mode or in campaign mode, you get to select three sides to control, namely; The United Earth, the cybernetic Cybran, and the alien-enlightened Aeon. One thing that makes supreme commander different from most RTS games is the fact that when you go on to play campaign, each side has its own story to tell and they are all stand-alone in nature. There is no bad side and good side fighting for the sake of humanity as commonly seen in most RTS games. What the game features are the beliefs of each side and why they fight for it. Quite a unique touch.

Another point that you might want to check out in Supreme Commander is the fact that you get to play in big maps; maps that are measured by virtual kilometers. The units that you build may seem bigger, but this adds to the fun of having the full details visible. Furthermore, with the gargantuan map, you can now focus on real strategies and stop cramming to get to that choke point as most RTS games are. You now have more control of your offense but also plenty of holes for your defense. But this is the nature of war, and this is also the factor that makes the game fun. The good thing is that the game allows you to maneuver your units with just a few clicks and of course with the use of the hotkeys.

Unlike in most RTS games, where building a structure in the midst of the warzone is a pretty stupid thing to do. But in supreme commander this is a pretty good idea, since in the setting of the game, the factions can gather resources and with a snap turn them into machines for war. Pretty cool huh? Yeah I know, but another thing that makes supreme commander fun is the fact that you can focus less on gathering resources as there are only two of them, and settle more on the battle. But do not take the resource gathering lightly, the energy and the mass are the things needed for your base. The energy is available through most power plants and generators, but the mass is something that all factions have to fight over as there are only a few sources of it.


Do you really think that supreme commander is going to be all pros and no cons?
Although the game is great for the most times, some things may work to your disadvantage. For instance, the game requirements can nail your high-end PC as battles become bigger and bigger. This also means that you need to spend more on upgrading your PC if you are desperate to get your hands on one.

The 3 factions mirror each other. In a way it allows fair game play as there is no sneaky techniques that are exclusive to one faction. You can be sure that when a faction has a big bomb coming, you also have the same thing under your sleeves. BUT, this spells out the lack of personality for each faction.

Units that are called experimental units can easily turn the tables just when you think that you are winning. This is actually both curse and blessing, blessing if you can make one of these units while you are at the losing end, but curse if you find your hard earned base falling apart when you are supposed to win. But overall, the game is a must try and is a guarantee to keep you playing for hours and discovering new strategies to make you the supreme commander.

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February 20, 2007

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