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October 02, 2007

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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow on the PSP will see the return of Gabe Logan in his biggest adventure yet. Sent on a special ops mission to retrieve a package containing a dangerous, high-tech weapon from a supply ship's cargo hold, Gabe discovers that the ship has been hijacked and the weapon stolen. To add insult to injury, Gabe's partner of 10 years, Lian Xing, has disappeared under suspicion of being a double agent. Not believing the stories, Gabe sets out on his own, travelling the world in order to find Lian and recover the stolen technology.

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Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow on the PSP follows the story of Gabe and his team on another mission, this time to annihilate a terrorist group that has a weapon so powerful it can destroy the world. Things easily complicate as the plot thickens; they soon discover that outer countries such as Russia and China want to get their hands on the weapon too, and one of Gabe's comrades, Lian Xing is accused of working for the terrorist group they are going after. The team is dissolved and now it is up to Gabe to find the weapon before it is too late, and to uncover the truth about his teammate.

A lot of improvements have come into light for this game since the release of its predecessor, the award winning Dark Mirror. The visuals are sharper and clearer than ever; the HUD cleaner, the environment more detailed, as well as a new look for the item and weapon bars. Underwater combat is really a breeze to look at as it is a new feature in Logan's Shadow. The transition period between land to sea and vice versa is almost perfect as well.

With regards to underwater combat, this usually ranges from avoidance of shots from enemies on the ground to fighting with divers to infiltration from the sea. Some stages are entirely held underwater, so our hero's and your skills will be put to the test.

The artificial intelligence has not so much improved since Dark Mirror, but mind you they are just as ruthless and cunning, and they will not hesitate to shoot you in the head in any moment.

If you think Dark Mirror has a strong play then wait until you try out Logan's Shadow. All the elements of DM are back, along with a few bonuses. Joining the game modes are Retrieval and Sabotage, the first one is like a bring me game, you try to collect an item and bring it back to the base safely. Sabotage will have you blowing up warheads and gathering nuclear missile codes while others will try to stop you.

On the multiplayer level, Logan's Shadow on the PSP has gone enough revamping to keep players entertained for hours, a worthy title on the PSP for fans who enjoy good old fashioned combat, with plenty of tactical shooting to boot.

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October 02, 2007

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