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October 27, 2009

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Tekken 6 throws you into a large ring of battle options which are sure to keep you scrapping away for a long while. Arcade Battle is for those who want to get straight into the fight with one-on-one confrontations being the order of the day - pick your champion and bash your way to the finish. Other game modes include Survival (defeat as many opponents as possible with one health meter), Time Attack, Team Battle, Ghost Battle and Vs Battle if you want to tussle with another player offline. Taking the main story of the game, you roam around a more open environment battling multiple thugs and aggressors to proceed.

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by Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: 11/22/2011

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This is a great game that works well on consoles. This game combines a pick-up and play mentality with the possibility of some serious in-depth approaches and some mind boggling games. Tekken should appeal to a wide variety of fighting game fans as much as it is not for everyone.

The Campaign scenario mode will look like a Primary mode in Tekken 6; it is a major distraction from the actual fighting at hand. If you play Tekken 6 all alone you will enjoy the Arcade, Time survival, Practice and Ghost Battles mode. You will find Ghost Battles with all the new AI foes very fascinating. At the end of your battle you can use the D-pad to choose your next enemy to battle with or you can end the Ghost Battle session. Once you become a victor there is a monetary reward. This makes the game more pleasant.

In Tekken 6, be assured to earn some money after every win. You will use this money to purchase extra items for every character on the program. Say you earn some money and buy a new jacket for your favorite fighter; you could also pay some money for Lillis’ haircut. If you are able to constantly earn money for unlocking costumes enables you to reward players who come back for more. The character customization makes the gameplay at Tekken more rewarding. There are four buttons to take care of on the pad, each button is assigned to each limb of the character. With the basic movement, two punches and some kicks anyone can pick up as a controller and start pounding away to perform some basic attacks.

You will be surprised at the system that is deep within the interface. When you begin to study counters, parries, juggles and many others, you will realize that Tekken is quite thrilling and engaging. The ability of Tekken 6 to block from a neutral position makes trick a player. In order to block in, you do not have to hold the back button on the D-pad, this means you do not have to continually move back wars if you are expecting an attack. You must be ready to be prepared to bend down when there is expected low attacks, this enhances the chances you have to defend your game.

There will be more emergence's and proper ways to combat your enemy and you must vary the moves to prevent your opponent from predicting your next move. You should be ready to counter with an equal side step. The great thing with this game is it’s a multiplayer, with plenty of action. The team battle is something to enjoy greatly. When you are facing a human opponent, the strategies of Tekken come to surface. You will be trying to read their attacks so that you know how to attack them as well.

However the game has a lot of load times, there is slow loading when connecting online. Due to the slow loading, selecting character will take quite some time. Also the Campaign Scenario mode has a scrolling brawler, the repetitive enemies and the odds faced during boss fight make the mode frustrating. Also when a boss dies in this campaign, you will have to restart the level of as there is no continuing. You will also note that the sound is in different languages! The characters speak in English, Chinese and Japanese; you wonder how they ever understand each other.

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October 27, 2009

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