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July 25, 2006

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Tekken: Dark Resurrection on the PSP is based around the King of Iron Fist Tournament, a worldwide martial arts tournament held by the Mishima family financial empire. Fighters face a host of colourful and deadly fighters in the tournament until one is victorious and crowned the King of Iron Fist. What this means for the gamer is one-on-one fighting action from a massive cast of martial arts experts and one of the most engaging and intricate beat 'em up experiences around.

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Namco managed to deliver the well-loved Tekken series on portable play now, in addition to the arcades and consoles it previously did well at. Who said portability compromises the quality of a game? Namco just proves it wrong. With its sharp and terrific graphics, Tekken: Dark Resurrection definitely occupies the top spot, and it offers much more. This game presents you the new fighters, characters, moves, styles, options, and environments from Tekken 5.

Animation movements also look very real, and this makes up for the very minor texture problems it may have. I mainly praise the ending cutscenes for each battle, as they are definitely more than awesome. And don’t you worry, its superb graphical presentation does not compromise your loading time at all, and it can be as fast as even less than 10 seconds. Sounds are pretty impressive, though not really crisp and clear to fit the device. You can choose from the list of electronic and techno music at any time and play it to add to the feel of the moment. Voices are typical of Tekken and are overall tolerable.

The controls are very responsive too, and there is just the D pad’s diagonal which gave me some problems to pull off. Fighting is still the typical Tekken experience, with just some added characters such as Armor King, Lili, and Dragunoy. These characters are unique, and they are made up to fight differently depending on the mode they are used to. The ghost exchange systems rocks too. You can use these ghost characters to fight off unpredictable and hard to defeat opponents. They are a duplicate of your own chosen character that you can exchange with other players online.

You can play Tekken: DR in a variety of modes, such are arcade, quick, story, Tekken Dojo, practice, theatre, minigames and much more. Each of these modes has different submodes, unlockables, and opponents. You will never get tired of them, especially the Tekken Dojo, which is my personal favorite. The opponents here are tough, and the fighters get tougher as you complete levels. Ghost characters are present here too, and you can fight them with your own ghost character if you want. The other modes are great too, depending on the excitement you want.

Playing is also very motivating as you can compare your rankings with other players and know what you have to improve, though you cannot fight with others online. Every time you win a fight, you earn money which you can use throughout the game to redesign yourself, and oh you can even dress up your ghosts.

With all these reasons, Tekken: Dark Resurrection will surely give you a satisfyingly great time of gameplay. Get ready to go street fighting with the comfort of your portable device. If you are not familiar with the series, you will surely discover why it made to the top spot and became so popular.

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Release Date:

July 25, 2006

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