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May 19, 2009

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The game can be completed in 5 hours and your only alternatives for replay are to play in a split-screen mode or use the difficulty setting.

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Xbox 360


The game does a good job in portraying the life of John Connor in his journey from a soldier to becoming the great leader of human kind. Numerous scenes are present to yield a cinematic experience but the character models and the universal vagueness keep the cutscenes from being dramatic. The considerate and specific surroundings provided well in the setting of the postapocalyptic stage. Unluckily, the game’s action is not varied similar to the environments. Most of your time will be spent on foot, moving from one area to another at the same time, sending off mechanical threats along the way.

The player will move in a slight jog only when he is sliding in between cover movements with the use of the smart radial movement menu. There is a semicircle that will pop up while you are in cover and tilt the analog stick directly to another cover position which will allow the player to choose a new area to move to. This kind of mechanism creates easy maneuvering around the places of battles, however, it is overwhelmed with discrepancy which will leave the player bare to the opponent’s fire or be trapped in one corner.

In Terminator Salvation, the player will have the chance to fight against three kinds of opponents and each of them has a bad point to a certain munition and there are three corresponding loose classifications namely bullets, shells as well as explosives. The 3 adversaries will coincide with the three kinds of weapons making the combat very standard. You can wipe out your opponents with explosives but you need to spend big quantity of bullets for the hard opponents in order to wipe them away. This kind of battle design will compel you to utilize similar easy tactics in the game.

The redundant fight is divided by a set of on-rails series which will place the player at the back of the vehicle operating weapons with ammunition that is not limited. The segments is a better change of rate, however, they are dull and out of depth. The entire game is a linear adventure with no collectibles or concealed goodies to look for. Each weapon is marked with a green outline which is transparent through the walls, so every player will not have chance to dillydally. The game can be completed in 5 hours and your only alternatives for replay are to play in a split-screen mode or use the difficulty setting. There are no accompaniments with Terminal Salvation and what can be revealed is a trade in attempt filled with bland actions.

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May 19, 2009

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