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December 05, 2014

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Terraria for the Xbox One seeks to offer the same kind of gameplay but with much greater crafting and exploration options. For example, ‘Terraria’ Special Edition for Xbox One includes a number of NPCs that perform various services for the player, including a tour guide to help you get through the first dangerous night. When night falls in Terraria for Xbox One, you'll find hostile enemies like zombies and flying bats, and that doesn't even include the more lethal blood moon nights.

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  • Developer(s):
    • Engine Software
  • Publisher(s):
    • 505 Games
  • Release Date(s):
    • December 5, 2014
  • ESRB Rating:
    • Teen
  • Player(s):
    • 1-4
    • 2-8 (Xbox Live)
  • Online Play:
    • Optional

Technical Information

  • Required Disc Space:
    • 546.4MB Minimum
  • Supported Video Output:
    • 1080p
  • Engine:
    • XNA
  • Game Format:
    • Blu-ray Disc
  • Average Playing Time:
    • 78.Hours
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Xbox One


'Minecraft' started the trend that 'Terraria' would soon get a large piece of. The world of gaming is always changing and where one genre is popular, another one quickly rises up to take its place. A few years ago the world first heard, on a large level, about the 'sandbox' video game. 'Minecraft' embodied the genre with its infinitely creative crafting and world generation and 'Terraria', developed by Re-Logic, and published by 505 Games, would soon follow. So what exactly is 'Terraria' and why should you buy 'Terraria' for the Xbox One? Let's take a look at the game from its inception.

A not too distant past...

Back in 2011 'Terraria' hit the hit computer game purchasing platform Steam. Through Steam the developers behind the title were able to get a jumpstart on their audience and it wasn't long until it was one of Steam's top selling games. By January of 2013 the title had sold over 2.5 million titles. Being translated to the next generation of consoles was only logical.

What 'Terraria' is, at its core, is a 2D open ended video game. You are dropped into a linear, procedurally generated world where you create the life you want your character to have. You can play offline by yourself or you can join in and play with friends and random internet users all over the world. The game pushes creativity as the be all end all of progress and users would be wise to take that notion to heart.

Get into the graphics...

Definitely a curious choice for the Xbox One, 'Terraria' pulls in gamers with its unique 2D side screen style. The game looks like it was created and made for the NES or the SNES and gamers tend to get nostalgic feelings when turning it on for the first time. You'll see a giant unending world, so long as you go left, right, up, or down that begs you to go on an exciting adventure. As we've alluded to above, 'Minecraft' is an obvious comparison but we feel that it is a lazy one. Though the two games share tons of similarities, it is in their differences that they become special.

The giant, pixellated 2D world looks particularly fearsome and huge in comparison to your tiny, customizable sprite. As soon as you land on the ground for the first time in the game you will probably feel pretty overwhelmed. You'll have a few tools in your belt and absolutely NO direction on what to do with them. Welcome to the world of crafting, where you only survive as far as your wits will take you.

Trust us, it is a good fear to have.

Our first moments in the game..

When we dropped into our first generated world we didn't know what to do. Flipping through various menus revealed to us that we had a pickaxe and a hatchet as well as a guide. We are foolhardy folks so we skipped reading the guide completely. We figured with our knowledge of 'Minecraft' that we'd be ahead of the curve. We were sort of right.

In the Xbox One version of 'Terraria', much like the PC version, users are pushed to dig, chop, and kill their way through a world teeming with personality. So we took that to heart. We immediately went to chop down trees in order to get enough wood to build our own safety bunker. You don't want to be vulnerable when monsters start creeping around (and there are a lot of them) so that was a priority for us. We ended up with a little wooden hut and we placed it on a giant cliff. There was something grin inducing about seeing our hovel of a home standing so tall. But we didn't linger.

We needed to arm ourselves up. We knew that the danger in this game was very real and that you couldn't survive without proper weaponry. So with pickaxe firmly in hand we began to dig. And dig. And dig. Much like 'Minecraft', 'Terraria' for the XB1 opens you up to a whole new subterranean world. You will dig for different metals and materials that you can use to craft new utilities for yourself. You can make swords, bows, and even magical items. Keep an eye out for treasure chests! They'll offer you gigantic rewards, but they'll punish you for not coming to them prepared.

The first inclination of many gamers who look at 'Terraria' is to think that the game feels restrictive. Perhaps it is a side effect of being raised in the world of 'Skyrim' and 'Minecraft', but the 2D side scrolling effect almost feels restrictive. It isn't, though. Not really. Once you get over the different view point and special art style you will begin to appreciate the nuance of the size of the game. Using vertical climbing to create depth and size, 'Terraria' never fails to make you feel like a little creature in a big world.

And a big world it is.

As you traverse through your own unique land you will come across completely unique biomes that offer you different materials and creature challenges. Certain monsters are only to be found in certain biomes (much like 'Minecraft') and certain rewards are equally restricted.

As you push through the game and create your own personal character, you will begin to unveil new things along your adventure. Not unlike the Xbox 360 version, many people will spend 'Terraria' online with their friends. And that's a perfectly valid way to play. Team up with people to build the best sprawling 2D cities you can or turn treacherous and make them pay for having the gall to play with you.

'Terraria' on the Xbox One is a deep and enthralling experience that has to overcome a few hurdles at the beginning. Fans need to get over the 'Minecraft' comparison and they also needed to accept the art style for what it is. Once that happens you won't be able to help but lose yourself in the game.

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December 05, 2014

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