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February 08, 2011

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Test Drive Unlimited features a full single-player campaign that can be played offline, but which integrates into a persistent online world, shared with other players. Through mission-based progression, players can develop their characters and expand their car collections for both offline and online play. Players can gain experience points and unlock new missions by competing in races, collecting cars and avatar items, exploring the island, and joining in online activities such as multiplayer races and "car club" guilds.

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When I saw Test Drive Unlimited 2 and I read the details of the game, I was very excited at the prospect of playing it. Maybe I was led to expect too much. It was a game theme of my dreams, with the characters living the life of the pro racer in Ibiza; and there it promised a lot of traditional racing which could be played by a single player and the multiple player modes. The gamer could purchase properties in Ibiza and custom design it to display the exotic car collection and to race on it. Great concept.

Unfortunately, what sounds and looks good on paper and what is the real gameplay are two different things and unfortunately the two did not make a great tango. The whole gameplay design is filled with a lot of problems and the racing is just as imperfect.

The plot is fairly simple and sort of romantic, you just got fired for your rich female boss caught you sleeping on the job. You are a valet but for some reason she hires you as a driver. Go figure. Anyway, she makes a bet that if you can take her to the studio taping she needs to be at, on time, then you get to enter the Solar Crown racing competition. Of course you succeed and you join the ranks of pro racers. A pretty unlikely story even by fictional standards

The intention of the opening scene is to introduce the player to the plot but they really succeed in showing how atrociously designed the characters really are. Although the whole purpose of the game is the race itself, with poor character designs, it sort of gives a feeling that the game is a letdown. The script is old fashioned and the voice overs are plain and simple terrible. It gets annoying and then intolerable after a few minutes. Repetition is not the key to attracting the gamers, even if it involves the voices.

Now, on to the custom designing part of the game. Supposed to be that if the gamer can custom design the place they are to display the cars, you would be able to do it easily and with no fuss. Well, fuss it did, water appearing out of nowhere so my car crashed, I could not change the paint job in the apartment my character was supposed to live in, and I could not walk around the island I bought from the first person point of view.

Okay, maybe I am hypercritical. So on with the game. The gameplay is fun, as mentioned you can buy cars, customize them, earn money by helping strangers in need, and interact with the other players who are driving through. As the gameplay moves on your character levels up. You can compete, discover, gain a collection of cars and be social. This should improve the character and increase the level of skill so you can unlock new content. But don't expect too much. There are times when you drive into a corner and you don't know where you are or what you are doing there; you go around but all you do is to find hidden cars which are wrecked which you need to restore. Supposedly the island you bought was huge, so why can't you do a lot on it?

Then to the driving, it did not give me the feeling I was expecting. In the end I was just playing with an arcade driving game that involves pop cars. I know the game has potential, but this one needs a lot of improvements to give it more oomph. I hope the future games would be more successful.

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February 08, 2011

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