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December 06, 2011

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The Adventures of Tintin is just an average family game, and if you're a serious gamer looking for a challenge you should certainly skip this one.

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The Adventures of Tintin is an action/adventure game released and developed by Ubisoft, and is based on the film of the same name. The game is mainly a platform title.

You get to play as Tintin, Snowy, and in the final battle, Captain Haddock. The game offers a third person view, and not a side scrolling perspective as most platformers do.

Playing as Tintin, a young reporter/journalist who will stop at nothing to get a break on a tasty story, despite the huge amounts of trouble it may cause him. One day he buys a model ship Unicorn on a whim, and shortly after you discover that there is a lot more to this ship than meets the eye, and it is your job to unravel the mystery, as well as to fend off multitudes of bad guys while doing so. Most of the action takes place in mansions, underground caverns, and the deep in bowels of ships.

Tintin's wide array of skills make all these tasks seem simple. Wall climbing, jumping, running, and getting over and around obstacles, are way too smooth and easy, and it never feels like there is an ounce of skill involved in doing so. Some of your movements are automated making it kid friendly, and a breeze for anyone with skills at gaming. This also applies to combat. Pressing one button lets you sail through most enemies without much difficulty, and when tough enemies do arise, you just sneak past them. The Adventures of Tintin tries to shake things up with a few puzzles, but these are also so simplistic! Some of the puzzles include searching for levers to open different pathways, or using weights to get the correct balance on seesaw machines.

In this game you get access to vehicles, but the parts you play with them are too easy as well. You get to pilot a plane through a storm, where you avoid tornadoes and attack other aircraft, but you can do each action with the push of just one button. They also give you a bike, but when you ride on it, it is also very easy to catch other bikes and hit them with your slingshot. And after a couple of hours of playing you will soon start to realize that everything feels familiar. Repetition is huge in this game, and lots of puzzles and vehicle scenes are constantly repeated, making the game very boring.

The Adventures of Tintin is just an average family game, and if you're a serious gamer looking for a challenge you should certainly skip this one. There are plenty of more challenging platform games out there to test your mettle.

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December 06, 2011

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