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In The Amazing Spiderman for the Wii game console, the player finds himself in the world of Spiderman where they will re-live the plot of the movie of the same title. The game follows the character through the story of the movie which involves encounters with most of the many popular Spiderman villains while traveling through the levels using different strategic gameplay techniques.

The action takes place in the Manhattan area of New York and the player will be given the option of free fighting or utilizing spider webs, and other highly useful skills that Spidey is a master of, to do battle with villains in its streets and buildings. The player can utilize a number of different strategies such as using the shadows to hide from enemies or for sneaking past people. Or perhaps the player would like to take the enemies they encounter head on by using a combination of combos and Spiderman specific web shots or other web moves.

There is also a Spider Sense feature that gives the player the option to perform a special move on an enemy when appropriate. People will also find that they can crawl on the ceiling and use their web techniques to capture enemies on the ground. Upon doing this, the webbed enemy will then be captured in a cocoon on the ceiling so that the player may pass the area safely.

There are other gameplay features incorporated into The Amazing Spiderman that make it an innovative step above previous Spiderman games. An example of this is an option called the Web Retreat which lets Spiderman to instantly become hidden so that the player may return to stealth mode. This is useful in the event of the player being surrounded by multiple enemies. When fighting enemies, the player can combine combos with web special moves and even use incidental objects to their advantage.

The game's graphics are on par with what you would expect and this helps to make for a realistic Spiderman comic environment along with buildings, landscapes, people, characters, and other items.

When swinging through the city, the player will come across many events that in which they may choose to intervene or leave. For example, there may be times when a robbery is occurring where the player can intercept and assist the person being robbed and defeat the robbers, or look the other way.

There are many hidden comic book pages throughout the city of Manhattan that, when collected, will unlock full comic books that can be read. While the pages may be difficult to find, they are displayed on the person's radar when passing by them to give them a general direction in which they're hidden.

While this game doesn't offer a multiplayer mode, the single player action offers an entertaining storyline that keeps to the movie plot and gives the user plenty of action to take part in, but I think that may nor be enough for more experienced gamers.

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As a film, The Amazing Spider-Man breathed life back into the hero and the franchise. With a unique twist on the comic book world that brought fans back to the movies, it was only a matter of time until that version of the wall crawler got his own game. And in The Amazing Spider-Man there are no holds barred.

The video game is meant to act as an epilogue to the film. Peter, so new at being Spider-Man, has a lot to learn after his defeat of the Lizard. However, this is Marvel's New York, and because of that there's a new costumed creep around practically every corner. Whether it's the Rhino going on a rampage, or the Scorpion out for Spider-Man's head, there's plenty of super villain action that players are going to have to throw themselves head first at to keep the city safe. No matter how new Peter is at this, he's going to have to keep on his toes and listen when his Spider Senses start tingling.

Mechanically, The Amazing Spider-Man is a beautiful piece of gaming. In an effort to capture all of the acrobatics and insane web-slinging stunts that Spider-Man is capable of the controls have been simplified to make moving around as organic as possible. Additionally, adopting the free running and wild fighting styles of games like Assassin's Creed, Spider-Man's fighting style is now just as wild as it's been in the comic books. With speed and agility on the player's side, it's important to never be where the next attack is coming from. Otherwise it's very possible that it will be lights out for the fledgling superhero.

The movement and combat styles aren't the only things that feel organic when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man either. For fans of the comic book, that's exactly what the game feels like. Events progress on a huge scale, and there's always something around the next bend to threaten Peter's regular life and that requires him to put on his mask again. However, perhaps because this game is all about Spider-Man, there's no point where the action breaks the suspension of disbelief. Since New York is the center of most meta-human activity, it only makes sense that there would be so much crime for players to fight. Of course when the interconnecting threads are woven together into a tangled web, it's Peter's job to unravel it and become the hero he needs to be.

Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man might be the best attempt at a Spider-Man game yet. Though attempts have gone back all the way to the Sega Genesis, the technology has finally made it possible for players to do what they want and to do it stylishly when it comes to controlling Peter's movements. Additionally, whether players are fans of the movie or of the comic books, it won't matter when they pick up this game. All they have to worry about is whether they're fans of Spider-Man, and everything that comes with it.