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September 09, 2009

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If you love the Beatles you would have to be out of your mind to not own this. Awesome Beatles songs for you to sing along with. All new cooperative ways to play Rock Band.

Requires a drum, microphone or guitar controller to play, Rock Band instruments sold separately.

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Release Date: 11/23/2010

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The Beatles Rock Band On the Wii is another project of Rock Band that follows suit to the new era of full band rhythm of games, but Beatles stand out from the rest of the competition as it is the only one with a real life band. The all Beatles play list has made a sense of strong continuity between the songs, while maintaining the musical diversity enough to keep things interesting and varied. Rock out as one of the Fab 4 in the Story Mode, and you’ll unlock a bevy of photographs and videos that translates the humanity of the larger than life members of The Beatles.

The Story Mode starts with a theatrical trailer that will give you a brief history and insight into the Beatles’ musical and artistic careers. As you progress in the game, the connection between you players and the band members is reinforced as you play in legendary venues. Cut scenes bring to life and bridge the chapters in the Story Mode while unlockable photos and video clips provide snippets from the Beatles’ career. Plating along the songs gives you a visual treat as well due to the artistic elements incorporated. Each song has a one of a kind video that accompanies it, and it reflects the song’s themes and its place in the career of the Beatles.

Of course, by playing this version of Rock Band, only Beatles content is entertained. There is no character creation, you cannot customize the looks of the band members and songs previously downloaded won’t work in this version. There are cooperative and competitive online modes, but as with all Rock Band games, they all shine singularly. The most significant new game play feature is the vocal harmonies.

Before you play the song, you choose which of the two vocal harmonies you are: either solo or harmonies. Harmony parts are displayed in the same area as the lead vocals. Visually, the differentiation did a great job, but it’s up to you to sing them. If you have trouble harmonizing, there is a practice mode available to sort things out. You can highlight the part you want to learn, and then you can drop the pitch out to make sure you got it.

This game is already great since the Beatles and their music legacy is great; but the real exquisiteness has been captured by the way it causes excitement playing as a united band. The Beatles Rock Band is not just about playing their music; it transcends into a more personal level and knits your band mates closer.

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Sep 9, 2010

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September 09, 2009

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