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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


The game is pretty frank up front as the plot of the game involves a club of rich people who want death as entertainment, hiring people to shoot each other in different places while they watch. And where do you find yourself? Sadly, as one of the players.

The game is pretty simple. To win you need points, more points, and even more points. Although the getting your points up is not based on how many coins or bananas you get, it is based on how accurate you shoot your opponent. Which reminds me, this is a shooting game, thus, you need to stay alive and at the same time kill the other and gain more points. And since points are the main concern here, you will want to keep your point multiplier up so that you can get more points. Getting the multiplier to come up is a bit tricky as you need to pull a nice stunt while shooting at an opponent, and you need to shoot more things on the wall to increase the multiplier. Be aware though that the multiplier vanishes faster if it reaches a higher level.

The entire game basically revolves around these principles while changing maps at the same time. The places are great and the destructible environment is well pronounced. Each map has its own pros and cons and thus you may want to fully utilize it to get the best results and of course more points for you.

The game has some problems as do all games have problems. For instance, we wished that there were more guns available. Even though there are 15 guns out there to choose from you would likely stick with a machine gun as it is really strong and aids in aiming.

The fact that getting a cover in this game is hard is also one of its pitfalls. Although it is a run and shoot game, you will need time to take some cover and reload. WhatÂ’s the problem with getting a cover anyway?

The multiplayer experience is awful. The map is really huge for even 4 players to play at once. ItÂ’s like searching for each other in a space and you are not even sure if you are on the right path. And since getting points is the aim, accomplishing the task is hard when we are talking about multiplayer since your opponents are not going to stand there and allow you to make all the matrix moves.

But overall the game is nice on single player and I believe its emphasis is on that aspect. The difficulty of the levels provides a challenge for the player to keep remaking his/her strategy in order to win the level. Not to mention that overcoming your scores is one thing that will keep you coming back for more. Just donÂ’t go near the multiplayer it just ruins the whole experience.