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June 25, 2007

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The Darkness is an excellent and highly polished experience. The story is compelling, having been based on the Top Cow comic book of the same name, and achieves a good balance of human and supernatural foes for you to fight. Gunfights are always tense and there are some genuinely terrifying moments as The Darkness starts to take over Jackie's mind and body. A game brimming with flair, imagination and a healthy dose of action, this is a must-buy for action fans on PlayStation 3.

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PlayStation 3


As the player, your fundamental mission is unsullied vengeance. From the time the two serpents emerge on top of your shoulders you are directed to move forward in a game of ruthless killings. Although, you usually gain your powers at night, it can still be preserved as long as you will be able to give damage to the light sources as fast as you can. The developer of the game, Starbreeze, has made it a point to create a vibrant environment wherein the light is the only issue you need to worry about with taking control.

The main character has a handful of paranormal weapons aside from the ordinary weaponry and these include creeping dark, demon arm, darkness guns and black hole. At times these powers are far more powerful than a single firearm. In order to set off your capability to kill, you can call four various Darklings namely Berseker, Gunner, Kamikaze as well as Lightkiller. Though these may be susceptible to light, these gremlins can still be useful.

Dark living is not the only way to raise the potential of the main character. For one thing, there are horrific aspects of the game which will be needed for the power of Darkness to increase his powers. For example, when you have devoured the hearts of those you have killed, you will become stronger compared to them. There are circumstances where action adventure will simply die down and will give the player some time to relax. An ideal example of this would be in the subway station where Estacado cannot make use of his powers so instead, he prefers to do some Good Samaritan works.

The side quests of The Darkness will let you show off your morality. Apart from doing the side quests, you can also opt to roam around New York's 2 sections which have been made. Estacado can also have the chance to visit the Otherworld which is considered to be the most exciting destination to go to. Meanwhile, the single player mode concludes with a slow thump considering that instead of creating the final battle which is climactic, the game is basically simple from the beginning to end. But still there is satisfaction when playing the game.

The multiplayer campaign on the other hand, will allow 8 players to join the online fun with 4 modes of the campaign included namely Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and last but not certainly the least is the Survivor. There is so much to like in the game and despite the fact that there is no precise conclusion, The Darkness is still a spectacularly repugnant adventure.

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June 25, 2007

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