The Fight: Lights Out - PS3 Cheats


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The Fight Lights Out PS3 Trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophies:-

Thunder (Bronze): Land a really, really hard hit.
Lucky (Bronze): Win a fight with less than 5% health remaining.
Clubber (Bronze): Knock out 10 opponents with the Hammer fist punch.
Dizzy (Bronze): Knock out 10 opponents with a spinning move.
Bear (Bronze): Knock out 10 opponents while grabbing.
Saint (Bronze): Win a fight using only clean moves.
Sinner (Bronze): Win a fight using less than 30% clean moves.
Punisher (Bronze): Stun an opponent 6 times, and then win the match.
Upsetter (Bronze): End someone's 5+ ranked online victory streak.
Tank (Bronze): Take a lot of damage.
Money (Bronze): Make a lot of money.
Prodigy (Bronze): Complete all the career events.
Highroller (Bronze): Win a lot of online bets.
Bank (Bronze): Have a lot of people bet on you and win.
Lightning (Silver): Knock someone out really fast.
Surgeon (Silver): Win a fight with a hit percentage above 95%.
Rush (Silver): Throw 25 punches in 15 seconds, landing more than 50% of them.
Untouchable (Silver): Win a match with more than 99% health remaining.
Slayer (Silver): Defeat an opponent with 50% higher rank.
Rampage (Silver): Win 10 ranked matches in a row.
Survivor (Silver): Get stunned 6 times, but win the match.
Champ (Gold): Reach top rank in an online tournament.
Everlasting (Gold): Reach top rank in an online tournament, and defend your spot 5 times.
Nails (Gold): Nail all the career events.
Legend (Gold): Reach a really high rank.
Dynamo (Gold): Survive a lot of rounds of Endurance sparring.
Master (Gold): Upgrade your skills a lot.
Maniac (Platinum): Win all trophies.