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November 09, 2010

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The Fight: Lights Out is a fictional boxing game with realistic controls. It is one of the first retail releases for PlayStation 3 to use the PlayStation Move motion control add-on system. Players throw jabs, uppercuts, and roundhouses by swinging their arms while holding PlayStation Move Navigation Controllers. Real-world movements are translated to in-game punches and grabs. With a theme reminiscent of the film Fight Club, the game's narrative has the player guiding a custom character through a series of underground, bare-knuckles boxing matches, in a dozen different venues. Boss fights and other special challenges present themselves along the way. Some opponents have styles and techniques that the player's character can gain by defeating them.

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The game lets you create your type of player under the character creation mode. After creating your character you go through some tutorials in the game, featuring actor Danny Trejo; which is quite weird because of the awkward manner that he teaches the game, especially the introduction part. At some point, the video is so hilariously ridiculous you couldn’t help but really laugh out loud. At least it helps perk up the game with a little bit of stimulation not by the fights, mind you; but by the humor, albeit unintentional.

After the Intro, Danny takes you to the sequences and processes that you have to deal with; teaching you how to move from side to side as well as showing you the frontal movements. There’s also a section on how to block and throw punches. The tutorial is quite extensive as it shows what buttons to use so that your fighter can move and fight. However, this part can be dragging for gamers who don’t even pay attention to any of this.

The controls of the game are off target. When you throw your punch it is inaccurate and lacks the strength of a real fighter. It actually makes your fighter look drunk and inept at defending himself, even from an aging, decrepit senior citizen! The poor camera angles kind of add to this awkward sight, as you’d probably notice. You would expect that with such supposedly enhanced control as the PlayStation Move, playing the game would be such a breeze; but no can do, mate. That’s not the case at all. If anything, you’d find yourself getting dizzy and feeling drunk yourself with all the tilting and twisting; getting generally confused on which part of the opponent’s body to hit while also worrying which of your body to defend. The creators couldn’t have done it better in giving you the most appalling combination if they tried harder – like the game problem isn’t enough; they have to throw in the controller problem!

Lighting is another weird aspect in this game, despite the PlayStation Eye that’s supposed to track your head movement in a fight. Don’t pin your hopes there as the game couldn’t seem to detect any amount of light and would keep telling you that lighting condition is “extremely terrible”. I’ve tried every trick on the book with this one and nothing seems to work. The “Eye” simple drops out every time – there’s no way you could even use the useless feature. Talk about Lights Out!

The gameplay consists of the Single Player Mode, which is like entering a boxing tournament where you fight nuisance fighters. If you think your player fights like a drunk, wait till you meet your opponents. The Fight has got to be the most insipid, wishy-washy fight game ever created. In any case, winning matches in the Single Player Mode allows you to earn money. This gives you the chance to buy some stuff for your precious fighter. You can also use it to upgrade your fighter’s abilities. Much like as an afterthought, a Multiplayer Mode is also included, which might as well not be there; as it’s even more cluttered and chaotic with just two players.

A stamina system much like that of EA’s Fight Night series is a poor attempt at enhancing the game, which is a displaced and illogical addition, if you asked me. A stamina bar in a motion-controlled game? It’s absolutely absurd! The game should easily reflect your depleting energy with your weakening punches and slower moves – or that of your opponent’s, for that matter. You don’t need a stamina system for that. Another worthless feature, I’d say.

Except for the creation of your character, which I find a little bit on the positive side; there’s not much to save The Fight from total doom, really

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Feb 2, 2014

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November 09, 2010

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