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April 07, 2009

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The Godfather II advises its players to "act like a mobster, but think like a don." Like Electronic Arts' original Godfather, the sequel is a Grand Theft Auto-style open world adventure, in which players can explore a large urban area and take part in violent mafia crime. From a third-person perspective, players engage in gun battles, fistfights, and deadly driving assignments, often as part of larger, overall missions. In Godfather II players also take a leading role in determining those overall missions. In a separate mode of play, a "Don's View" strategy map perspective lays out the whole city, showing the players, which competing crime family has control of which criminal enterprises in which areas, and allowing them to plan a strategy for conquest that considers location and profit-boosting monopolies.

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It is not easy to put a very well known and successful movie or book into a game. This is because the game creator still should be able to input the important features of the movie or book into the game to make it interesting. The game The Godfather has not disappointed its many fans because the game is equally exciting.

The Godfather II is action-packed, full of thrills and frills and exciting. It will get you into the mind of the Godfather and how he strategizes the group’s moves and actions. So the main aim of the game is to control a certain place and build an empire in it. You will be battling against other groups and villains. So it is up to you which action to take to make sure that you win the location you are aiming for. When you play this game, think of the movie and it will help you come up with good plans against the villains. Of course, your opponents also have their strategies and plans. You have to make sure that you get away from the obstacles and challenges that will be put in your way to winning your mission. You will also be following corrupt officials which you have to fight with. Maps will be provided for you to know where you are heading for.

The controls are very easy to follow. With this, you can easily play the game. The audio is also good as you can hear clearly what the people in the scene are talking about. The graphics, though dark, are also good. This is understandable as it focuses on shady underground groups. The depth and plot of the game is amazing. The story of the movie is successfully inputted in the game. You will get a complete package of a game in The Godfather II. It has action, strategizing and entertainment.

All in all, The Godfather will please every fan with the plot and depth of the game. This game will surely entertain every gamer especially those who would like to play games of thinking, action and strategy. This game is fun, challenging, exciting and very entertaining. There is not dull moment as every scene is exciting enough for you to give time watching and playing it. It is definitely a successful sequel to the first edition of the Godfather.

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April 07, 2009

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