The Incredible Hulk - Xbox 360 Cheats


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The Incredible Hulk Xbox 360 achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

...And Thanks For Stopping By (25 points) Dishonorably discharge Major Talbot.
A Leader In His Field (10 points) Enlist Samuel Sterns in the search for a cure
to Banner's condition.
Abominable! (50 points) Defeat the Abomination.
Alia Iacta Est (25 points) Protect General Ross's team while they attack
the Enclave base.
All That Glitters... (50 points) Win a gold medal in every mini-game.
Anger Management (40 points) Find all the Fury Canisters hidden in New York City.
Apprentice Of Disaster (25 points) Destroy a building in each New York City neighborhood.
Around The World In 80 Steps (5 points) Cross the tops of the flagpoles outside the U.N. Building.
Better, Stronger, Faster! (15 points) Get a power boost from Samuel Sterns.
Brawn Beats Brains (25 points) Shut down the Enclave's psych-ops branch.
Ceres Finale (25 points) Shut down the Enclave's biotech group.
Don't Make Me Angry (5 points) Defeat 50 enemies using Rage powers.
Enemy Of The Empire State (50 points) Find every landmark souvenir in New York City.
Eww... Gross! (10 points) Test the cure developed by Samuel Sterns.
Fairweather Friends (25 points) Shut down the Enclave's weather manipulation division.
Fear Of Falling (5 points) Complete "We're Not Giving Up, Part 2 without
touching the ground.
Home Run (5 points) Knock an enemy a distance of at least 436 feet.
Hulk Is Strongest One There Is! (50 points) Gain access to all the upgrades.
Hulk SMASH!!! (15 points) Defeat at least 1 enemy with each class of attack.
Let's Do Lunch! (10 points) Crush 10 enemies by throwing either a taco, an ice
cream cone or a doughnut.
Love Hurts (20 points) Ignite an old flame.
Mad Dash (10 points) Sprint a total distance of at least 26.2 miles
(138,435 feet).
Master Of Disaster (35 points) Destroy every building in a New York City neighborhood.
Most Illogical (25 points) Shut down the Enclave's mechanical design corps.
Now Playing (10 points) Score 6,132,008 points.
Over The Edge (10 points) Defeat 5 enemies by knocking them off a high building.
PPO'd (40 points) Find all the Gamma Canisters hidden in New York City.
Para-Gone! (50 points) Wipe out the Enclave's four sectors.
Pickin' Up The Pieces (20 points) Smash 10,000 things.
Pure As New York Snow (10 points) Clean up the contamination from the streets of New York.
Sightseeing (5 points) Climb to the top of the five tallest buildings
in New York City.
Smash-ifist (10 points) Win a story mission without defeating any enemies.
Stay Classy... (20 points) Expose Major Talbot on television.
Struck Out (5 points) Complete "The Problem is the Hulk - Part 3" without
being hit by a lightning blast.
Surprise! (10 points) Encounter General Ross's Spec Ops team for the first time.
Terrifying Tourist (10 points) Find every Subway Station in New York.
That'll Leave A Mark (10 points) Stick 25 auto-wrecks to buildings.
The Enemy Of My Enemy (25 points) Defeat Enclave's F-POD...with a little help.
The Eyes Have It (10 points) Destroy an Enclave Kyklops for the first time.
There Is No U In Team! (10 points) Trick a U-Foe into taking down one of his or her teammates.
Two Heads Aren't Better Than One (15 points) Defeat the Bi-Beast.
Unleash the Fury! (5 points) Get the Enclave off your back.
Veni, Vidi, Vici (50 points) Defeat every type of enemy at least once.
What Goes Up... (20 points) Crash and destroy the Enclave's Lightning Satellite.
Where Is My KA-BOOM? (10 points) Save New York from the Enclave Chemical Bomb.
World War Hulk (25 points) Survive for longer than 60 seconds at Threat Level 9.
You Break It, You Buy It (10 points) Smash as much as possible in one trip to Brazil.