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You'll be delighted to know that a new expansion for the Sims 3 game is already here - The Sims 3: Ambitions. There are heart-breaking moments in this new game as the new expansion unfolds. Although the atmosphere and approach of the series did not change, there's a substantial change that brings improvement to the new expansion. The expansion provides a new and interesting aspect on how to chase their dreams and careers. It is definitely a wonderful and satisfying ride in this new expansion.

The main attraction of Sims 3 is in observing your Sims characters as you manipulate their lives with commands and instructions. First you create your Sims you character, then jump into a large town and proceed selecting the kind of life you want them to have.. You could control their actions except their work. However you could choose their careers and sometimes you have control over their activities, especially in meeting daily needs. It all comes down to your Sims leaving the house and doing everyday things. You can even receive a paycheck for work done by your character.

The new expansion has done changes in almost everything. It now gives the players the option of choosing a career or a profession. Careers options are still the same as they have always been since the initial Sims game but the professions enable the players to actively perform their Sims jobs in a participative manner. Professions available include doctor, private investigator, stylist, firefighter, designer and (my personal favorite) a ghost hunter. These additions make the game more fun to play. The inclusion of these new features engages the players to constantly give their attention to their Sims.

It's vital to really give attention to your Sims while doing his/her profession to enable you to create a more distinct and realistic story involving the lives of your Sims. The previous versions of Sims just focus on creating the life of your Sims; love life and jobs are just secondary as they are not given much importance in the gameplay. This time, you can directly control them. It gives you more freedom to get creative in controlling the lives and personalities of your Sims. It truly depicts a real life of a person in real-time whether it's a firefighter fighting to curb the flames when a house burns down or a doctor tending to and treating the sick.

The primary improvement in this new expansion is the way you interact and manage the lives of your Sims. The new expansion creates a deeper connection from your part directly to your Sims. The only negative part of having a profession is that they are more complicated than careers that were previously used in the earlier installments - which are just fine, as careers have already become passé. The creators are probably thinking along this line; thus add some more professions to make the game more revolutionized compared to its predecessors.

Another change brought by the expansion is the addition of potential choices on how to play the game. Presenting new traits, lifetime and wishes are also made available for the players in the new expansion. The new and cool additions include the hobbies of inventing and sculpting. You can let your Sims invent, create and sculpt anything you want. Your Sims can invent a new appliance system and can also sculpt a statue of yourself or other things. The introduction of the hobbies gives you even more opportunities to be imaginative in crafting the life of your Sims.

The Ambition expansion definitely stands out over other Sims expansions. It has produced considerable dynamic changes. It looks like this is going to be a trend in forthcoming Sims installments; and if that is so, then you can certainly look forward to it.

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The Sims 3: Ambitions for the PC opens a whole new world for players. Sims is a life simulation game which allows players to create 3D characters and give them certain characteristics and can to some degree be made to resemble yourself, someone you know or some completely new human being. these characters are then used in the game to mimic the lives of real people. They can have families, make friends, go to work or lounge around, or do any life task that humans can do. Ambitions is an expansion pack that presents additional features that The Sims 3 base game and the many other expansions do not have. These features, as the title suggests, are related to the luxuries of life that an up and coming Sim may aspire to and include such things as clothing, furniture and accessories. Also included are new skills and new customization for characters.

But Ambitions is not just about a better material life but also deals with work or vocational aspirations. Jobs or vocations that Ambitions offers include fireman, self employment businessman, doctor, fashion designer, private investigator, ghost hunter, architect etc.

This game lets you use data already saved from previous Sims, or your can create a brand new Sim. Players also get a new experience when it comes to visiting places in their town. In The Sims 3 base game players could only visit buildings but they could not always see inside whereas Ambitions now allows players to see what their Sim can do inside and can control them as normal while they go about the activity of working, shopping or playing etc.

All the new jobs offered here encourage the player's Sim to take an active part in that role. For instance, if a player's Sim is a detective, the Sim can stake out a house or lurk under the cover of bushes, take objects for evidence, and even break into another Sim's house. Each job includes new objects that are the usual tools of the trade. The new jobs also come with consequences that are the result of actions taken and so must think before they do things as the outcome may be disadvantageous to themselves or others.

Although the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion has a lot of extra and activity and content to offer existing Sims players it is not much use on its own, but then it is not really marketed as a stand alone because you need the basic Sims package loaded to make use of it.