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June 05, 2012

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The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats lets you indulge your Sims with the sweet and vibrant style of Katy Perry. This game pack showcases a vast range of décor items, furniture, and, of course, fabulous fashions and hairstyles! Inspired by Katy’s real-life clothing and props, these fun furnishings, décor, and fashions will add a dash of sweet style to your Sims’ lives. Packed with more stuff than you have ever seen, your Sims will also enjoy three all-new spectacular venues including a local hangout, a town park, and a neighborhood swimming pool - each decked out in delicious Katy Perry style.

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The Sims 3: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats for PC is one of the most interesting Stuff Packs The Sims 3 Collection has seen. Every item in the Stuff Pack is inspired by Katy Perry herself, a pop artist who is most famous for songs like "Hot and Cold" and "Last Friday Night," which is a song that can be played in game on a stereo system in Simlish, the Sim language.

The items that are available to the player in Katy Perry's Sweet Treats, of course, look delicious. There are sweet-looking hairstyles, along with tasty pieces that can be gained in Buy Mode, not to mention the clothing line. The bathing suit tops/bras for Sweet Treats look like sparkling ice cream. There are glittery dresses with lollipops and other candies going down the sides that come in three colors, but of course, the colors can be altered or completely changed in Create-A-Style Mode.

Sweet Treats allows for many new things that couldn't be done before. For instance, players can now make a gingerbread house with candy canes as decoration on the outside and a fence to go around the house that is in the shape of delicious cupcakes. For the inside, cupcake chairs can be placed next to the lollipop light and sweet guitar underneath a chandelier with light bulbs that look like something to sink teeth into instead.

The Stuff Pack also comes with new venues, hang out locations, and even a local pool that is decked out in Katy Perry's Sweet Treats. These locations and possibilities makes the player feel like their sims are in a Sims 3 version of a game from their childhood, like Candyland. The entire environment can be manipulated and turned into a place where sweet things are everywhere: waffle cones, cupcakes, lollipops, chocolate, gumdrops, candy canes, and more.

Katy Perry's Sweet Treats is one of the boldest and most successful moves of Electronic Arts. EA tends to try to follow in the footsteps of the previous collection, The Sims 2, which also had many successful expansion packs and stuff packs. They went off script and created an entire stuff pack solely inspired by Katy Perry. It was bold, but wildly successful. Not only will players who are fans of Katy Perry enjoy it, but so will players that enjoy different things in their simulation game. When Electronic Arts introduced aliens into The Sims 2, it was a big and wild hit, and people asked for more in The Sims 3. If EA ever created a Sims 4, there will be a lot of requests and demands, one of them being to create a stuff pack that is inspired by another popular icon, whoever that will be at the time.

Katy Perry's Sweet Stuff was a massive hit. Simmers loved it and still love it. The items in this stuff pack are pleasing and most of all were inspired by things that Katy Perry owns. Players could even create Katy Perry themselves if they wanted to. They probably would, too. They probably have.

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June 05, 2012

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