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This new version of the classic game Sims starts with your character as a member of the band, as a celebrity, and eventually become a vampire. The new version Late Night is described as the “return to the open-ended gameplay of the Sims” which is focused mainly in getting your character out of the house and engage into a nightlife. The setting takes place in a brand new town of Bridgeport which contains various bars and clubs where your character can hang around on. The town of Bridgeport was modeled from the famous towns and streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles so you should expect some familiar landmarks and places.

A hot spot will be featured on this game where most of the sims will be often be gathering and having a party. Your sim can level up as much as you want until you reach the 5-star rank. However, your character may also gain low levels of fame which will cause them to enter only small-time clubs. This can be difficult since you will need skills to sneak the bouncers in the bar. Part of the skills that you will need to possess will be to hack the bars’ computer in order to gain access to its back door.

Late Night is all about parties since these events enables your sim to earn extra cash. Say you want to grab hold the Late Night’s new bar tending feature, you can join a party and collect recipes from the books that are stored in the place and from skill advancements. You can earn cash from shaking, stirring, mixing, and anything bartender like during parties. In addition, you can also play any instrument that is available during gameplay in order to increase your wealth.

Just like what is mentioned earlier, Late Night also features you as a vampire. Just like the real vampires, your sim vampires also need plasma in order to survive and what better way to get yourself one than to hunt for a prime victim. Of course, hunting and luring victims will not be that easy, you will still need to persuade, convince, flirt, chat with your victim until he or she finally gives you a chance for a tasty bite. Having this version of Sims has never been more fun because it provides thrill and a bit of horror to the usual fun and excitement of the game.

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The Sims 3 for PC allows players to build virtual worlds and populate them with virtual people, called Sims. With The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack, players can take their Sims to a new, urban world. The expansion pack features a new neighborhood, called Bridgeport, which is a buzzing metropolis where Sims can work and play.

New items and features with The Sims 3 Late Night include:

Apartments: Now Sims can live in high-rise apartments in the city. To make things easier, most high-rise buildings have elevators. Most of the buildings in downtown Bridgeport are skyscrapers, but there are a number of single and two-story homes in the suburban area across the river bridge.

Vampires: After dark, the cityÂ’s population seems to increase as the mysterious residents who stay indoors during the day take to the streets. Vampires are generally friendly, but if they get too friendly they may be tempted to bite. Being a vampire means a Sim will need to stay indoors as much as possible during the day, but they will have extra energy and a few special abilities after dark. Vampires can survive on a special fruit if they prefer not to attack their fellow Sims.

Celebrities: If a regular Sim meets a celebrity, theyÂ’ll have to try to impress them before they can become friends. Talented Sims can become celebrities by performing in public, or by becoming friends with other celebrities. Celebrity Sims get certain perks, like free gifts or reduced prices at clubs and stores. They can also have their reputations ruined by rumors and scandals, so they may have to do some explaining or even file a lawsuit if the rumors are simply not true.

Butlers: If a Sim can afford it, they can hire a butler to take care of the house and even cook meals.

Film Career: Sims can get a job at the new film studio in town and work their way to the top. Midway through their career, theyÂ’ll have to make a choice of whether to shoot for the stars as an actor or go behind the camera for glory as a director.

Bars and Mixology: Sims can order drinks and food at bars around town, or learn mixology to make drinks at home. Some drinks have certain side effects, like boosting energy or brain power.

Exclusive Clubs: Some clubs only allow celebrities to enter. If a Sim doesnÂ’t rank high enough on the fame scale, they might be able to get in by greasing the bouncerÂ’s palm or just sneaking in when nobodyÂ’s looking.

Bands: Sims who play musical instruments might want to start a band. Bands can earn money performing gigs at clubs or by playing for tips around town.

Subways: Parking space is limited in Bridgeport, so Sims who donÂ’t own cars can travel by subway or taxi.

The Sims 3 Late Night requires the original Sims 3 game to play. ItÂ’s rated T for Teen.