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The Sims is one of the most popular games of all time and has achieved so many awards over the past decade. Even non-traditional gamers find themselves wrapped up in this award winning game. In case you are new to the Sims you get to build a house and get to live your life however you see fit. There are all kinds of comical elements packed in the game. There are also important decisions that you need to make. So, Sims fans you will not be disappointed with the latest release of this game, The Sims 3.

The biggest change to The Sims 3 is you can now explore the neighborhood at anytime without having to wait for the world to load. In fact, a lot of people believed that the previous Sims games were too limited to just your house and your character. It truly does give you the feel that you are living your life in the computer realm world. However, I would also like to point out that you can just sit back and watch your characters, which will keep themselves amused and entertained on there own.

You really do get a real life experience with the Sims 3, or at least it feels like it. People still age and eventually die, but what really makes the Sims 3 great is that new characters will appear, so you get a real sense of change. The psychological system for the Sims 3 is really quite complex and different sims react different ways to other sims. Really, one of the coolest parts about this game is sitting back and watching how everyone interacts with each other.

What is really nice about this game is they have removed the fact that you don't have to watch them go to restroom multiple times per day. Instead they will only go once per day. This gives you a lot more time to interact with them. You can use your time to develop friendships, complete daily task, ect.

So with all the positive things about The Sims 3 there are a couple negative things that might be taken into consideration. For instance, when your sims rush off to work it would be nice if they just didn't disappear. It would be nice if you could complete some kind of task for their jobs to give this a real life experience. Another thing that people might not like is the fact that it takes a lot of trial and error to create an appealing house. But, then again that is part of the game.

There is an online feature that is quite nice in The Sims 3. You can interact with other Sims players. You can download and upload your own content, which really is a great addition to The Sims 3. For the hardcore Sims players you can even start a blog, edit movies, even record your games, and share them with other players. However, this is all extra features that you do not have to use to play the game, but it is a nice change of pace.

Overall, this is a great game and its performance is great. In previous versions of The Sims you might notice that it was laggish when you had a number of sims in a small area. It does function very smoothly even though you can roam the entire town. This is a massive improvement to an already great game. This is a highly addictive game that you can entertain yourself with for hours, and hours to come. One can only wonder what extras the expansion will be packed with!

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In the Sims 3, the overall interactions of the Sims 3 characters which you have created allows them/you, along with all the other things in life which a person may do, to form relationships with each other. These Sims can fall in love and, if they want to, get married and have children.

An element new to this version of the Sims is the ability of the characters to share their interests and hobbies. Every time a character learns something new, the player has the option of allowing the newly learned interest to be shared with others. This makes the level of interaction between characters more interesting for the player. The characters can discuss their hobbies, their job or their personal relationships with other characters.

A specific example of what your Sims can do is the furnishing of their homes to suit their individual taste by using the custom create tool. This tool accesses an in-game mode where the player can select from a variety of fabrics and colors to upholster their furniture with. This tool is not limited to furnishings but can also be used to create new outfits for the Sim characters by selecting from the available options. The create content tool can be used to change the color, pattern or texture of just about anything in the game. Players can also save their own colour combinations in the standard queue so they are easily accessible from the main menu.

The world in which these Sims live is also created to be more interactive than the previous versions of Sim games. The biggest difference is in the way he characters can move about their neighborhood. For the first time, the Sims can actually walk down the streets and side walks in their town to visit area stores and community centers. They can also pay a visit to their neighbors and friends by simply walking or driving to their homes. The player can track the movements of their Sim by selecting one of the location modes from the main control panel.

Another difference in the community interactions in the Sims 3 game is the way the Sims participate in area events. Sims now have the ability to go to the sports arena to watch a sporting event or visit the museum to see an exhibition. When characters visit a store or community, they enter the building and dialogues appear on screen which inform the player of what is happening inside the building. The players do not get an inside view of these buildings and do not have the ability to move their characters around as they did in previous Sims games, with the exception of the residential homes.

When a Sims character enters a store, a dialogue box will open on screen asking the player if the character would like to shop. A menu of available items will then be displayed which allows the player to do the shopping for their character. Some buildings allow characters to take lessons during which time their learning bar will be displayed indicating they are now in the learning mode. Sims 3 characters also have the ability to use items they purchase such as digital cameras, to take real in-game photos.

Neither you or your Sims need ever be bored as there is always plenty to do.

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The Sims 3 is a welcome addition to the franchise that has been around for so long. This is a much improved version that is compelling, fun, and liberating compared to the others.

Presentation is fantastic and just as expected. The player does not get the feeling that the developers let them down. There is still the same humour and the same challenges. Graphically there nothing technologically revolutionary here and there is not much difference between this version and the previous one. However, they still come out believable and are reminiscent of a surreal version of The Truman Show.

Now for the language, well, let’s just say that Simlish is still the standard and the music is much better. Good news is the music is nowhere near annoying. The music has been revamped giving it more energy and sounds more exciting that fits the new game to a T. the background music, much improved again, is also a welcome relief. Whoever chose the soundtrack had good taste.

The performance of the game is smoother even on a high end PC. There are no hiccups even when the graphics get to an overwhelming level. The gameplay offers a wider scope compared to the other versions, however, as mentioned, there is not much innovative differences between the versions. But this does not affect the gameplay at all. The appeal to the fans continues to be positive and this is the surprising part. There is more content in The Sims 3 than the other versions. This only improves on the review which is positive in every aspect.

The online game is also much improved on The Sims 3 compared to the others. But it is important to take a visit to the official Web site and access The Exchange where the gamer can download the contents like The Store which is the place to buy the furniture and make some transactions. The player can also create their own Sims blog through this site, although they make no impact on the game itself.

Now it could be quite disconcerting at times when the player gets to see their Sims acting more lifelike compared to the other versions. The Sims seems more natural looking. It can be amazing to take the Sims off to the beach, watch the day go by and simply laze around. The buildings look well designed too; there are details there which still completely surprise me. There are some bookshops where the player can zoom in read the books placed on display in their windows.

The older versions did not allow the player to go to other homes and interact with the other Sims. The Sims 3 does. Now some may say that the characters are not as cool as the previous ones, I disagree. The old Sims had features which were very sharp and angled, too much of a Sim. However, this newer version is for me, much improved. The features of the Sims are much softer and the curves rounder. This is so much more appealing than the sharp angles.